‘Your Girl Love ‘Em’: Caleb Williams Fires Back At Criticism For Apparent Pink Lipstick And Nails

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What on earth is going on with rappers and athletes?

Former USC quarterback and potential No. 1 NFL Draft pick Caleb Williams has fired back at criticism after he wore what appears to be pink lipstick and pink fingernails (while holding a pink iPhone and pink wallet) at a USC women’s March Madness game. And let’s not forget that suspect dancing that he was doing as well.

Here’s a refresher if you need one:

Understandably so, Williams has been getting ripped to shreds by normal men with normal mindsets … sorry, but we’re not all alleged Diddy here. (Too soon?)

Anyways, the 2022 Heisman Trophy winner has finally spoken publicly about the criticism that he’s been hit with, coming out to say that it’s all fake news — well, except for his still-pink iPhone and still-pink lips. (RELATED: RGIII Absolutely Hammered By Fans After Wild Take On Caleb Williams That Will Leave You Like, ‘No … Just No’)

Williams, in a video posted on X by Gavin Morris, is claiming that it’s fake news. Well, except for the fact that his phone actually is pink, but his wallet is instead white. Williams also showed his nails to “prove” that he doesn’t wear polish. Oh, and he also had a brief comment about his pink lips.

“Your girl love ’em.”


The fact that Caleb Williams went out of his way to do this, and the fact that he brought up a chick, makes me just think that he was indeed wearing pink lipstick and pink nails while holding a pink iPhone and pink wallet while doing a suspect dance.

Just cut it out and play football, Caleb. You’re doing WAY too much.