‘Like An A**hole’: Megyn Kelly Mocks Don Lemon After Report On List Of Demands For Musk

[Screenshot/YouTube/Megyn Kelly]

Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Sirius XM’s Megyn Kelly mocked former CNN host Don Lemon’s list of demands from Elon Musk, and suggested Lemon looks “like an asshole” Thursday.

Lemon reportedly gave Musk an extensive list of demands when the two negotiated the terms of their abandoned partnership to air the former CNN host’s new show, “The Don Lemon Show,” on X. Kelly laughed at the “hubris” of Lemon, who reportedly demanded a Tesla Cybertruck a trip on a SpaceX rocket and the authority to approve or reject Musk’s future news or current events talent deals.

“As somebody who actually has negotiated several contracts in cable news and broadcast news — no! That’s exactly the opposite of what you do,” Kelly said. “You make a demand that is reasonable, that is a big … because you want to leave yourself some room for negotiation. But you don’t want to make yourself look like an asshole, right? … You don’t want to make yourself look like an asshole.” (RELATED: ‘You’re Not The Victim!’: Megyn Kelly Blasts Don Lemon, Says He ‘F*cked Up’ Before Show Launch)

“Nobody in history has asked to be the first person in space,” Kelly laughed, “and for full editorial control over any news decisions made. Like, that’s something… Maybe Rachel Maddow has that at MSNBC because she appears to be running the joint. Don Lemon at Twitter? When this guy’s resurrecting him from the dead? The hubris!”

Musk chose to cancel his partnership with Lemon, who was fired from CNN in April 2023, following an interview he participated in with Lemon earlier March that “changed” their “relationship.” Lemon published the interview soon after despite Musk’s disapproval.