Police Release Bodycam Footage Of Fatal Shooting Of Naked 19-Year-Old Wielding Knife


Dana Abizaid Contributor
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Police in California released details Friday regarding the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old man who was allegedly running naked through a mobile home park with a knife, according to KTVU.

Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety officers responded to a call from the Plaza Del Rey mobile home park March 16 regarding a man with a knife,  KTVU reported.

Police later found out that the suspect, identified as 19-year-old Emmanuel Perez, had made the call on himself, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Bodycam Video Shows Knife-Wielding Man Rush At Cops Before Being Shot)


“I want to clarify that it wasn’t until later in the phone [call] that the dispatcher was able to put together the information that the subject was the reporting party,” KTVU reported Sunnyvale DPS Chief Phan Ngo saying at a press conference Friday.

Police also made public the incident’s 911 recording and officer bodycam footage from the shooting, KTVU reported.

After realizing that Perez, who reportedly had a history of mental struggles, was the 911 caller, the dispatcher urged him to lay the weapon down.

“Manny can you drop the knife please? Can you hear me? I want you to put the knife down,” she can be heard saying on the recording.

Edited bodycam footage from the fatal shooting shows police arrive at the mobile home park and identify Perez as he walked through the complex naked from the waist down and holding a knife, according to KTVU.

The officers, one on foot and the other in a nearby patrol car, can be heard using their loudspeaker to tell Perez to drop the knife, the outlet reported.

Video appears to show Perez walking towards the officers while one is yelling, “Drop the knife … stop right there … I’m gonna’ shoot you if you don’t stop … stop right there …” according to KTVU.

The Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety stated that one officer fired at Perez, hitting him twice in the torso and killing him, KTVU reported.

Due to the status of the investigation, Sunnyvale Police Chief Phan Ngo did not state how officers are trained to take aim in such scenarios, but he noted that they carry non-lethal weapons like batons, tasers and pepper spray, according to the outlet.

Ngo said he could not comment on why these non-lethal weapons were not employed, KTVU reported.