NBA Victimhood Culture Getting So Out Of Hand After Star Center Complains, Makes Veiled Threat Against Player


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert complained about Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso for what Gobert believed was a rough foul and made a vague threat against Caruso during a Sunday night post-game press conference.

“I had a knee injury a couple years ago, I had the same play, missed a month because someone went into my knee,” Gobert told reporters in response to a question about whether or not Caruso was intentionally trying to hurt his legs.

“I hope they look at this because if they don’t hold people accountable I’m going to hold them accountable myself,” he concluded.

The play in question was a rebounding opportunity where the six-foot and five-inch Caruso boxed out super hard on the seven-foot and two-inch Gobert.

Caruso got low and backed up, hard, into Gobert’s lower half. Gobert then hooked Caruso around the neck and yanked him in response.

Could Caruso’s aggressive play have potentially injured Gobert? 100 percent. Is Gobert softer than dog doo-doo for crying about it? 1000 percent.

Whether or not Caruso was trying to hurt him intentionally, only Caruso will ever actually know. If he was, he’s a huge scumbag and yeah, Rudy should handle it. But it’s also entirely possible that Caruso, a member of the NBA’s 2022-2023 first-team All-Defense, was just doing his job. (RELATED: March Madness Star Has A Legit Shot To Go Pro, But Not In The Sport You Think)

Either way, don’t cry about it Rudy. Handle your issues like a man. Don’t run to the media. If you really believe Caruso was trying to hurt you, give the media a quiet and respectful non-answer to the question and then beat his skinny white ass up and down the court next time you see him. Like a man would.

Instead, the absurdly tall Frenchman aired his dirty laundry out for all the world to see. “Oh if they don’t handle it I’m going to.” Do it then. Don’t just talk about it, be about it.

Maybe if you did you wouldn’t be getting choked out by Draymond Green.