Straight Comedy: Even Mets Play-By-Play Announcer Gary Cohen Is Tired Of New York’s Dysfunctional Ways

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Anything associated with the Mets is an utter disaster, I swear.

It was quite clear that New York Mets play-by-play announcer Gary Cohen was absolutely miserable Tuesday night, obvious that he wanted to be anywhere else but Citi Field during a rain delay against the Detroit Tigers.

With the Mets starting out the season 0-4, there’s not much for New York fans to enjoy — nor Cohen from the looks of it.

While it was raining and the game was in a delay (it ultimately got postponed after two hours of the Mets saying NOTHING), Cohen and Mets legend Keith Hernandez were previewing the game. And just remember, it’s peeing cats and dogs while this is going on, with no sign whatsoever of the game happening. And let’s also bring up the fact that New York is HORRIBLE at field management. A drizzle to them is like a Category 1 hurricane … hey, it’s the Mets, what did you expect? (RELATED: Astros’ Ronel Blanco Throws First No-Hitter Of The Season In Just His 8th Career Start)

Well, the dysfunctional characteristics and overall embarrassment of being associated with the Mets wore down Cohen Tuesday night. After the television cameras were no longer recording, Cohen seemed to let out a huge load of blatant depression.

It’s like he was thinking, “It’s bad enough that I’m the Mets play-by-play announcer, now I have to wait hours to do my job?”

The New York Mets, they’ll do that to ya.

So good, it needs a GIF!

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