ROOKE: Conservative Men – Focus On Finding A Good Wife, Not A ‘Trad Wife’

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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Modern society has completely distorted the meaning of what a “trad wife” is, turning it into almost a sort of fetish for the terminally online to view as the perfect version of a woman worthy of marriage. But as men trend increasingly more conservative and women toward progressivism, it’s time to discuss what men should look for in a woman when it’s time to walk down the aisle.

A tweet by @jacoburowsky perfectly encapsulated the juxtaposition of a good wife vs. a trad wife. He spoke about his wife and what he witnessed from her during a recent violent storm that came for their family. It’s an excellent example of what men should look for in a wife, and it had nothing to do with whether she had tattoos, debt or a high body count.

“If you want to test your marriage, get woken up at 1am to the sound of blaring tornado sirens, having to collect your screaming children and carry them outside through a freezing hailstorm and into your storm bunker. My wife had shark eyes, like it was her third assignment in ‘Nam,'” Burowsky wrote.

“We get to the shelter, ten feet underground, and I pull the hatch closed and bolt the doors in place. This could have easily been extremely fucking traumatic for our three-year-old, except my wife already considered that. While I’ve been at work, she decked out the shelter with fun lights, blankets, snacks and toys,” he continued. “The look of terror melted off my son’s face and he fell asleep in a blanket fort. The storm passed (house is fine, praise God) and we all went back to bed.” (ROOKE: What’s The Point In A Husband Anyways?)

In his family’s time of desperation, she helped deliver safety, calm, and resolve. He even admits that while he and other accounts discuss “trad qualities,” what men really need to be looking for in life is a woman “who’s good in a pinch.” (ROOKE: We May Be Reaching The ‘Hard Times Create Strong Men’ Phase)

Burowsky claims to “hate women,” and maybe that is true. But it is more likely that it’s a defense mechanism and that his real issue is that he despises the girl-boss feminist types who have turned his sex into a weakened version and championed the downfall of masculine men. Whether it’s right or not, this is the result of telling all men their sex is toxic.

“When it comes to the kids, she’s a force of will,” he tweeted. “The first critical moment was when she heard the sirens before I did. I was half asleep, barely making out the words’ tornado’ and ‘leave now’ from her, but I shot out of bed and sprinted down the hallway like an east African towards my kids room. I bring this up because in an emergency, 30 seconds is a lifetime, and if my wife was someone I didn’t trust, I would have wasted five minutes arguing that she was hearing things.”

It’s important to focus on the fact that he feels he can trust his wife to make a game-time decision in a moment of crisis. Not every marriage will be struck by a literal tornado, but it will be figuratively. Your family will fail if you can’t trust your spouse during these moments. Men should look for a wife who won’t handicap them when they need to lean on each other for help.

While the trad wife aesthetic is popular among conservative men right now, the way it is framed in our modern culture doesn’t account for the realities married couples face. A woman’s ability to wear a sweet spring dress or make sourdough has no bearing on whether she’ll stand by your side when the wolves come. A good wife will make your house a home, raise your children, and fight alongside you.

Marriage is an “us against the world” scenario, whether financial trouble, sickness, or any other catastrophe that hits the family. He found a wife who is inherently protective of their kids. When the storm came (literally), she had everything prepared to ensure the family was safe. He built the shelter; she made it habitable. (ROOKE: A Year In The Life Of One Prostitute Reveals Future The Left Wants For Women)

“One day you might find yourself on the Titanic, and you don’t want someone who loses their shit, you want a total psycho who puts your kids in a headlock and starts helping you build a boat out of wooden doors and dead Irishmen,” he added.

As graphic and crass as his analogy is for women to hear, he’s not talking to them. Plus, he is right. Men need to find women they can trust in a crisis. One who, when the odds are stacked against your family, you know she’ll work alongside you to protect the life you are building.

A good wife isn’t a hindrance. She’s a blessing. She will not leave for the shelter without first ensuring you are aware of danger. This isn’t something that a predetermined list of qualities can predict. Men need to show their worth to bring this out of their wives. She wouldn’t have made their shelter homey if her husband wasn’t worthy of her.