ROOKE: What’s The Point In A Husband Anyways?

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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Anti-marriage propaganda is all over TikTok right now. The formula of the videos is almost always the same. A woman contemplating marriage and a family has a vision of the future in which she realizes that her husband will be simultaneously controlling and checked out. She sees the “burdens” this life could bring as children come into the mix and, ultimately, chooses to run away.

It’s meant to make marriage-aged women hate men and condition them to think their lives will still be lonely and loveless even with a husband.

But that, of course, isn’t real life. A husband is everything. He is the base on which a woman gets to build her life. Yes, a lousy husband creates a terrible home and a hurting wife. But a good husband is a blessing. Together, they create a home filled with passion and love. Not every marriage is a barren wasteland. Most are loving and filled with laughter.

If women want joyful marriages, they should look for men who understand that their purpose is to love and protect the family — first his wife and later his children too. He should want to keep his wife safe and treasured, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. Any attack on her is an attack on him. Marriages built like this last until that poetic last breath.

Women want to feel safe, but a husband is not some security accessory to have in case of a scary situation. They have just as important a role as men in keeping the divine balance of marriage. The wrong woman can cause the same destruction in a relationship as an abusive man. Honorable men deserve to be loved and cherished by their wives. (RELATED: ROOKE: Women Aren’t That Complex)

When women ignore their nature, it causes discontent. Denying that women are emotional creatures is disrespectful. This emotion is the greatest gift we bring into this world. We have the ability to deeply care for our friends, children, and husbands. When looking for a husband, a woman should choose a man who sees the value her emotions could bring to his family.

The key is the willingness of the husband to protect and the wife to honor. Marriage isn’t 50/50. There is no such thing as meeting halfway or only giving it 50 percent of your effort. Selfish people who value their “independence” can’t fathom the bond that forms when both of you give every ounce of yourself to creating a strong marriage.

A good man doesn’t want to enslave his wife. He supports her in the home so that her role is fulfilling. Protecting the family has its own hardships. Still, motherhood is the most critical and taxing job women perform. A husband who appreciates her will work to aid her on the hard days, like when all the kids are sick and the house is burning down around her. He sees the cracks forming and immediately goes to work fortifying her, loving her amid the chaos.

No, it’s not easy. Nothing worthwhile comes without hard work. But, gosh, it is a beautiful way to live your life. When the other option is empty sex and soul-crushing corporate culture, a messy house with loud children sounds like heaven. These videos want women to return to their lonely apartments like it’s some triumph over men. But it really only serves to destroy the path for women to find true happiness through a husband who adores her and children to nurture.