Cody Rhodes Reveals His Bus Went Up In A Blaze Just Days Before Earth-Shattering WrestleMania Appearance

[Screenshot/YouTube/The Pat McAfee Show]

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WWE star Cody Rhodes’ tour bus went up into flames early Friday right before his long-anticipated WrestleMania matchup against The Rock and Roman Reigns, he told the Pat McAfee Show on Friday.

“1 a.m., laying in bed — it’s the first time I’m gonna get a little sleep before we get into this big big big event that is WrestleMania. All of the sudden, loud bang at the side of my bus. Thought it was a gunshot. Terrified. Clammed up. Next thing I know, my bus driver yells ‘we gotta get off this bus, it’s on fire!'” Rhodes recalled to McAfee and his massive crowd of fans at WWE World in Philadelphia.

“So my bus — it didn’t burn to a crisp, but it was up in a big fireball for a moment,” Rhodes told a shocked crowd.

“And the reason I share this story — is I’m here this morning, non-flinching, and I grabbed two things off my bus when I thought ‘this is it, this is the end.’ I grabbed two things. I grabbed a picture of my daughter and a picture of my wife, and then I grabbed my WrestleMania boots. There ain’t nobody here who is more ready for WrestleMania than me!” Rhodes said, trying to pump up the crowd.

McAfee, seemingly concerned, asked him if everything burned. (RELATED: Master Showman Pat McAfee Turns Technical Difficulties Into Electric Crowd Chant During Live Show)

“Here’s the only thing — the suits that I wear will all be uhh — you’ll know. There’s a smell off of ’em,” Rhodes responded.

Rhodes is set to headline the marquee tag-team matchup, alongside Seth Rollins, against the Rock and Roman Reigns.

The WWE masterfully set up the matchup, turning fans against The Rock and making him a heel by initially announcing he was taking Rhodes’ spot on WrestleMania. Then, in a stroke of brilliance, they turned the event into a tag team match where Rhodes will get to face both The Rock and Roman Reigns, who defeated him in a controversial WrestleMania 39.

And to top it all off they lit his trailer on fire to make sure the match up stayed smoking! Kidding.