American Muslims Chant ‘Death To America’ At Rally Celebrating Anti-Israel Holiday


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Protesters attending the Internal Al-Quds Day rally in Dearborn, Michigan, chanted “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” Friday.

In a video shared across social media, one of the speakers at the event, identified by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) as Tarek Bazzi, stated that he and others “have been asked in the past: ‘Why are our protests on the International Al-Quds Day are so anti-America? Why don’t we just focus more on Israel and not talk so much about America?’ Gaza has shown the entire world why these protests are so anti-America. Because it’s the United States government that provides the funds for all of the atrocities that we just heard about.”

Following the explanation of his opinion, Bazzi told those in attendance that “Imam Khomeini, who declared the International Al-Quds Day … would say to pour all of your chants and all of your shouts upon the head of America.”

From here, the chants of “Death to America” erupted. “Malcolm X said, and I quote: ‘We live in one of the rottenest countries that has ever existed on this Earth,'” Bazzi continued. (RELATED: Biden’s Botched Withdrawal From Afghanistan Claims Another Victim: Human History)

“It’s not Genocide Joe that has to go, it is the entire system that has to go. Any system that would allow such atrocities and devilry to happen and would support it – such a system does not deserve to exist on God’s Earth,” Bazzi noted. “So when these fools ask us if Israel has the right to exist… The chant ‘Death to Israel’ has become the most logical chant shouted across the world today.”

Bazzi was also joined by Imam Usama Abdulghani, who called Israel “Nazis,” “fascists,” and “racists.” (RELATED: Jewish Man Taunted While Describing Antisemitism He’s Experienced Since His Family Were Murdered By Hamas)

Dearborn, Michigan, was called “America’s jihad capital” in a Wall Street Journal op-ed by MEMRI executive director Steven Stalinsky on Friday. The city is home to the largest Muslim population in the United States, and is a “hot-bed” for anti-Israel worldviews, the New York Post reported.