Samuel L. Jackson Blasts ESPN For Their Coverage Of Iowa-South Carolina National Championship Game

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Roadside Attractions

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Damn, Samuel! Get ’em!

Most people enjoyed their experience when it came to watching the NCAA women’s basketball championship game, but if you’re Samuel L. Jackson (and I’m assuming you’re not), then you weren’t a fan … at all.

Like most of us, the Hollywood star was in front of his television screen Sunday to watch the Hawkeyes and Gamecocks battle for the natty. It was a game that was entertaining throughout, eventually leading to South Carolina getting the 87-75 win to finish the season at an undefeated 38-0.

Yeah, there were no complaints there, same for Jackson … but the commentary on ESPN can’t say that. (RELATED: Lynette Woodard Straight Up Hates On Caitlin Clark By Saying She Still Owns Scoring Record Despite Star Breaking It)

The four-letter network had two major broadcasts of the game airing at the same time: The game itself with the regular play-by-play, and then you had live commentary that was being given by Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi (who have a podcast named “The Bird & Taurasi Show”). Well, Jackson wasn’t happy with either broadcast, and had no problem whatsoever letting the entire world know about it.

“Who TF @ESPN thought this podcast commentary is a good idea??!! I never knew I needed an ABC feed before!!!” said Jackson in an X post.

But that wasn’t Jackson’s only criticism of ESPN, throwing shade at their ABC broadcast for talking too much about Caitlin Clark rather than the game-winning Gamecocks.

“It’s okay to talk about the team that’s winning, too!!!” posted Jackson.

All we need is a “motherf**ker” thrown somewhere in these posts and we’re Gucci!