Pat McAfee Show Descends Into Chaos After ESPN Analyst Dan Orlovsky (Allegedly) Rips A Massive Fart

Screenshot/YouTube/The Pat McAfee Show

Robert McGreevy Contributor
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It was the fart heard round the world!

ESPN’s Pat McAfee Show descended into chaos after McAfee and his crew accused analyst Dan Orlovsky of ripping a massive fart while live on air with them.

A few seconds into a clip the show posted to YouTube Orlovsky, who was defending a tweet he posted comparing Caitlin Clark to Wayne Gretzky, was interrupted by a loud “BRRRP” which definitely sounded like a fart.

Orlovsky maintains that he did not fart, but McAfee and his crew were in stitches with laughter and were not having any of it.

“Another Dan Orlovsky farting situation just took place,” McAfee said.

“Danny Dumps!’ one of his co-hosts, Boston Conor, interjected.

“What do you mean?” Orlovsky questioned, as a cacophony of laughter and flatulence accusations were lobbed at him. (RELATED: ‘Kiss Your A** Twice’: Stephen A. Smith Unloads On Reports McAfee Pays For Rodgers Interviews)

The hilarity took a brief respit as another co-host began to compliment Orlovsky before quickly steering the conversation back to Orlovsky’s butt. “Dan was making a great point though, the goals and assists, in terms of points and being an all-around complete player, that’s very true, but then he farted right after,” Nick Maraldo joked.

Orlovsky continued to maintain his innocence. “On everything, I did not fart. I did not fart. I did not fart,” he repeated.

McAfee then replayed him the clip and his entire studio erupted.

Orlovsky accused the crew of inserting the fart sound into the clip but the crew denied.

“Dan, that was out of a movie Dan. That was out of a movie,” McAfee told him.

“You know how they, like, score things and they make sounds? That would be the fart sound,” McAfee joked. “It was a Looney Toons fart,” a co-host chimed in.

“I give you my word, on everything, that I. Did. Not. Fart,” Orlovsky denied vehemently.

“You need to go to a doctor ASAP if you didn’t even notice what your butt just did,” McAfee joked.

I highly encourage you all to watch the full 14-minute clip because if I continue regaling you with this tale I won’t get any more work done today. I was laughing the entire time I wrote this. Like full belly laugh.

Orlovsky maintained that it was his windshield wipers, even tweeting out “I hate McAfee It was the windshield wipers.”

“I can’t wait until everybody is like ‘Orlovsky farted on McAfee,'” he told McAfee sarcastically. Well Dan, your wish is my command!

In all seriousness, it probably was his windshield wiper, which makes it about 1,000 times funnier that the McAfee crew wouldn’t let him off the hook.

Orlovsky even tried to bring the conversation back to his original point and the crew just repeatedly made fart noises over him.

The funniest part of this saga is that this is the second time Orlovsky has had to defend an alleged on-air fart after being accused of cutting the cheese while broadcasting a 2022 Monday Night Football game.

He handled the incident with grace and aplomb, joking, “Whoever smelt it dealt it.”

Good God. This whole thing was hilarious. Shoutout to Pat McAfee for making sports entertainment actually entertaining again. God bless.