Lynette Woodard Straight Up Hates On Caitlin Clark By Saying She Still Owns Scoring Record Despite Star Breaking It

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Shots fired!

Before Caitlin Clark played her last game in NCAA women’s college basketball in the national championship against undefeated South Carolina (one of the biggest games that Clark will ever have in her career), a legend from the sport Lynette Woodard took a jab at Clark and claimed that her record is still intact. Woodard was the previous holder of the all-time scoring record before Clark ultimately broke it earlier this season. (RELATED: Hailey Van Lith Enters Transfer Portal After Getting Straight Up Cooked By Caitlin Clark: REPORT)

Attending the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association convention in Cleveland, which was set up for the women’s Final Four, Woodard took the opportunity to “get the elephant out of the room” while at the podium.

“I am the hidden figure, but no longer now,” said Woodard. “My record was hidden from everyone for 43 years. … I don’t think my record has been broken because you can’t duplicate what you’re not duplicating. So, unless you come with a men’s basketball and a 2-point shot, you know … but just for you, so you can understand, so you can help me spread that word.”


It couldn’t be more obvious that Lynette Woodard is hating on Caitlin Clark

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This would be like me saying as a Roman Reigns fan, “Well… Roman held the belt for 1,316 days, so since Cody Rhodes has only had it for one day, Roman still has the championship.”

That would make me a hater, and I can honestly admit that despite Cody making me cringe every time I watch wrestling.