Beginning Of The End? Jordan Montgomery Dumps Agent Scott Boras Who Has Been Running The Game For Decades: REPORT

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Is this the beginning of the end for Scott Boras?

Back in March, starting pitcher Jordan Montgomery signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks (one-year, $25 million), but due to the free agent market being soft, he wasn’t able to get the money that he wanted. Well, as a result, Montgomery has fired his super-agent Scott Boras and inked a deal with Wasserman’s Nick Chanock and Joel Wolfe, according to a report Thursday from ESPN.

Montgomery was featured in the “Boras Four” with Cody Bellinger, Blake Snell and Matt Chapman. All of them waited until late in the offseason to sign with a team, and on top of that, all four fell below their projections prior to free agency. In other words, they didn’t get paid like they anticipated, and it slapped Boras with an absolutely horrendous offseason.

Boras blamed it on the uncertainty when it comes to regional sports network revenue and regular market fluctuation.

This is crazy.

I remember being a kid and being a huge fan of baseball, and I remember those moments when Scott Boras would score a massive contract for a client. I know a lot about the guy because I’ve always been interested in how dominant he is when it comes to business. Hell, I still remember those times when he screwed my Atlanta Braves out of a superstar. That was just how Scott was, he was great at his job and knew how to get his players paid. (RELATED: Orioles Call Up No. 1 Prospect Jackson Holliday: REPORT)

So to see him get dumped like this by Jordan Montgomery? … yeah, that’s pretty crazy.