Daily Caller Columnist Mary Rooke Rips Big Medicine Over COVID Profiteering

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Daily Caller columnist Mary Rooke ripped big medicine’s “for-profit” motives Wednesday on a talk radio show, detailing the importance of the outlet’s new documentary “SICK: Unmasking Big Medicine.”

Rooke appeared on “The Joe Pags Show” to discuss the purpose behind the new “SICK” documentary which dives into the layers and motives of big medicine within the U.S. both before COVID-19 and after the lockdowns. From 2020 to 2021, Pfizer became one of the leading medical companies during the lockdown, by providing a worldwide vaccine and doubling its revenue by billions.

As vaccine options were pushed upon Americans by the end of 2020, many arguments for getting the shot centered on the claim that it would stop the spread of COVID-19. Show host Joe Pags questioned Rooke on if the documentary reveals where outlets and political commentators got the information that the vaccine was able to “stop the spread.” (RELATED: ‘Everything Is Money’: Daily Caller Columnist Discusses ‘Common Thread’ In Big Medicine Lies Revealed By ‘SICK’)

“It all came from the pharmaceutical companies,” Rooke stated.

“So they made it up,” Pags jumped in.

“Yeah,  it was made up. It was an advertisement spread out there in order to be able to put shots in arms. And the one of the things I like to say is they will do whatever it takes. No matter how much money they spend, they have to recruit that somehow. So if they’re spending X amount of money on advertising, if they’re spending X amount of money giving to hospitals or to doctor systems, or God forbid to the FDA – whatever it is. If they’re giving money to these places, how do they recruit that cost? It’s getting shots in arms and it’s getting pills inside bodies,” Rooke continued.

“That’s exactly what COVID was about. It was how many shots can we get in Americans arms because if you look at it, another disgusting thing about this, about the profit of all this is that Americans were not only forced to get this vaccine that most of us did not want. I’m unvaccinated, thank God.”

“But I know a lot of people that were forced to get vaccinated or to keep their jobs, in order to see family members, in order to travel for their job, whatever it was. They were forced to get it and they had to pay more money to get the vaccine than anywhere else. America was charged more money for the vaccine than any other country. Why? Because they could,” Rooke stated.

While outlets later changed their phrasing around the vaccine by stating that it would “slow” the spread, by October 2022 Pfizer told the European Union that the company didn’t test the vaccine for preventing transmission. Pags continued to press Rooke on how the vaccines didn’t

“It’s a billion-dollar industry. And if you saw the way that they wrecked the, you know, all of the areas with the opioid epidemic if you’ve seen the way that they pushed SSRIs on the population, it is not a stretch to say that the COVID vaccine was built and the machine behind it pushed it for profit. This was not for some, you know, Goodwill program. This was for profit,” Rooke stated.

Pfizer was later able to profit off of the pandemic through boosters and the sale of an antiviral pill called Paxlovid, regardless of some patients reporting negative side effects from both treatments. Daily Caller’s “SICK: Unmasking Big Medicine” dives into the major affects the pharmaceutical industry has had on Americans, exploring issues like the COVID-19 pandemic and the push of SSRIs.