Woman Who Went Viral Hugging Trump At Chick-Fil-A Blasts Biden For ‘Disrupting’ Black Community

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A woman who went viral after hugging former President Donald Trump at an Atlanta Chick-fil-A blasted President Joe Biden Friday morning for “disrupting” the black community.

Trump embraced Michaelah Montgomery on Wednesday during a quick stop at the fast-food restaurant ahead of a fundraiser as crowds of employees and customers fawned over the presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee. Montgomery told “Fox and Friends” co-host Lawrence Jones that black people find Trump to be “relatable,” while Biden passed legislation “oppressing” the community.

“What has Biden done for our community? What has he done for black Americans?” Jones asked.

“He locked up a lot of people that look like me. And they’re still sitting in jail waiting for, you know, justice and appeal of some sort,” Montgomery said. “When it comes to what Joe Biden has done for black America, and if we look specifically at his record as a senator, it wasn’t it wasn’t something that that benefitted us at all.”

“If anything, one could argue that he dedicated his entire senatorial career to disrupting the way of life, you know, for black people,” she continued. “He didn’t want black kids going to the same school as his kids. He didn’t want black people walking on the sidewalk along with his mother and grandmother. So the fact that we ignore these things that were said on the Senate floor … Like, this is somebody who passed legislation with the sole intent of oppressing a certain community. And we’re gonna act like that didn’t happen. Or we’re gonna act like it can be overshadowed by somebody’s comments a few years down the line — that made us feel some type of way.” (RELATED: ‘Pay Attention’: MSNBC Panelist Warns Biden Of ‘Big Problem’ Among Black, Arab Voters)

“Feeling some type of way is completely different when you can feel a certain type of way at home,” Montgomery told Jones. “There’s people who are, you know, as of right now, spending the rest of their lives in jail because, you know, Joe Biden thought that they deserved it. As if there isn’t retribution. And then you have somebody like Trump come in and give us the First Step Act to try to right the wrongs that were done with this three-strikes rule, and nobody’s talking about that.”

Montgomery praised Trump for “talking to” black Americans instead of “just saying what they want to hear.” She told Jones that black people find Trump to be “more relatable” than Biden. Black support for Trump has surged in recent polls, doubling among black men since the 2020 election, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.