‘Very Unique Kind Of Black Folks’: MSNBC Panel, Citing Racism, Raises Concerns With Trump’s Appeal To Black Voters


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A panel of MSNBC commentators fumed Saturday over former President Donald Trump’s outreach to Black voters during an episode of “The Weekend.”

Former Republican National Committee (RNC) chair and MSNBC host Michael Steele voiced his concerns that Trump was making overtures according to racial stereotypes.

“Yeah, because that’s all we do,” Steele said sarcastically. “We wear gold LaMelo sneakers and we smoke menthol cigarettes. Oh, and then we have mugshots too, so there you go.”

The GOP frontrunner launched a line of Trump-branded sneakers during a surprise Feb. 17 appearance at Philadelphia “Sneaker Con.” An array of Trump merchandise — both official and from other sellers — has been released during the campaign featuring his mugshot taken at Fulton County jail, including t-shirts, beer cans and wrapping paper. (RELATED: ‘The Republican Party Is Not The Enemy’: Black Voters Tell Fox News Host Why They’re Voting For Trump)

“You have to understand, though. This is a room of a very unique kind of Black folk,” guest Dr. Jason Johnson said. “It’s a bunch of bad lineups and members-only jackets. That’s what we’re dealing with here. And so I’m not surprised that these sorts of people accept that.”

“These are the same people who listen to Killer Mike,” Johnson continued. “These are the same large number of Black folks who listen to Joe Rogan. Those people are out there. I’m less concerned with anybody who is okay with Trump’s racism than I am with the people who are so disconnected from the process that they’re not worried about his racism.”

“This is his pitch, though, to Black voters,” MSNBC host Symone Sanders said. “The sneakers with this, yes, he was speaking to the room, but the cameras were there. He is speaking to Black people across the country.”