Fellas, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser Just Gave You The Perfect Excuse To Watch Sports, Bail On Your Responsibilities

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Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Democratic Washington mayor Muriel Bowser added a “sports and economic development visit” to her schedule to go to Augusta, Georgia on Saturday, the same day as the Masters golf tournament, according to her public calendar. 

This is an amazing spin. A “sports and economic development visit” is the perfect euphemism for taking a taxpayer-funded boondoggle down in Georgia. 

I’m gonna have to borrow this one from Mayor Bowser. “No sorry, boss, I won’t be in today. I’m on a sports and economic development trip to Cancun. Yeah. Lot’s of important stuff going on here. Will be very enriching for the community at large.”

Seriously, though, do we really believe Mayor Bowser was in Augusta for any other reason than to watch the Masters?

Some of Bowser’s political allies were reportedly spotted in photo ops for the Gram. Both Washington’s former Director of Nightlife and Culture Shawn Townsend and former Ward Four councilmember Brandon Todd posted pictures from the Masters on Instagram, Washington City Paper’s Alex Koma reported.

So at least Bowser brought her friends along for the fun. (RELATED: Dem Mayor Floats Bill To Roll Back Post-George Floyd Police Reforms Amid Major Crime Surge)

The Daily Caller reached out to Mayor Bowser’s office to inquire if there were any other events on the docket besides the Masters but did not hear back by time of publication.

If the Masters was indeed the only event, I gotta tip my cap to Bowser and her blatant disregard for any semblance of professionalism. Just not a care in the world in labelling her personal entertainment excursions as official government business. I love it. It’s like the guy at the office who expenses his 20 beers to the company because he had them on a golf trip with a client.

Classic chicanery.