‘Kiss The Ground Every Day’: Legendary Golfer Sings Praises Of America, Says USA Should Do ‘More For Their Own’


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South African golf legend Gary Player rained praises down on America while preparing to tee off at the Masters in Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, on Friday.

“To have the opportunity, and I never forget to mention this, to come to this great country, the United States of America … If you’re here, you’re so blessed. And you should kiss the ground every day, and just appreciate what this country’s done for the world, not only for yourself,” the 88-year-old said Thursday prior to the ceremonial first tee shot at the Masters. “But … it’s about time America started doing more for their own.”

Fire me the hell up, Gary! Leave it to an immigrant to offer a perspective that is so often forgotten by native-born Americans. We are so, so lucky to be here. I level plenty of criticisms at my government and many aspects of modern American life, but it’s not lost on me that this is, without a doubt, the best country in the history of human civilization. Frankly, the competition is not even close.

Player was at the Masters to kick off the event with a ceremonial tee shot, alongside fellow legends Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson. (RELATED: Past Masters Champions Spill The Tea On How Phil Mickelson Behaved During Exclusive, Annual Champions Dinner)

Gary looked spry as ever, full of energy as he uncorked a solid tee shot to kick off the contest, even doing a little jig afterward.

The three-time green jacket winner was the Masters’ first-ever international champ, taking home his first win in 1961. His 1965 U.S. Open win made him the first non-American to win a career Grand Slam. I salute this absolute legend.