‘I’m 11 Years Old, You’re 80 … Get A Life’: Kid Scorches Horrendously Rude Woman In True Justice At D-Backs Game

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Respect your elders … unless it’s this woman.

Meet this 11-year-old Arizona Diamondbacks fan, who by the way, is an absolute boss (you’re about to find out why). My man was completely decked out in D-Backs gear at a recent game and even had a matching glove to cap off his outfit, you just know that he was in a great mood thanks to the magic of baseball.

Well, at one point during the game, little man looked like he went to the bathroom or something. When he returned, he was attempting to go back to his seat … you know, like most people do. Anyways, there was this horrendously rude woman sitting in the row that he was in, with her legs extended all the way to the wall that was in front of her seat. Any normal person would have put their leg down to let the kid freely move so he can get to his seat, but what does this woman do?

Doesn’t move her leg at all and blocks the kid from being able to sit down. (RELATED: Marlins’ Skip Schumaker And Umpire Get Into A Couple Of Old-School Shouting Matches After Strange Maneuver From Giants)

“Step over me,” barked the woman.

Though a strange reaction, the kid does what she says and steps over her, but despite the woman being the one that gave the orders to do so, she gets mad at him — because of course. Oh, but it gets worse. Not only does she get mad, but she has the audacity to KICK him … yes, kick him.

But don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen, because little man ended up getting the last laugh. And with flying colors at that.

“I’m 11 years old, you’re 80 … get a life.”


And just like that, justice has been served.