Marlins’ Skip Schumaker And Umpire Get Into A Couple Of Old-School Shouting Matches After Strange Maneuver From Giants

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It was on Monday night in South Florida!

Skip Schumaker, the manager of the Miami Marlins, was hit with an ejection from Monday’s game following his objection to an outright strange bullpen maneuver from the San Francisco Giants.

Late into the contest, San Francisco was bringing in pitcher Camilo Doval from the bullpen. At least, that was until some kind of … err … miscommunication happened. Rather than Doval, it ended up being Tyler Rogers who came out. It was outright confusion. (RELATED: Woah! Cardinals’ Oli Marmol Gets Physical With A’s Security Guard After Classic Episode Of ‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time’)

Well, for whatever reason, the umpires allowed this whole thing to go down and did absolutely nothing despite it taking an incredible amount of time. And understandably so, it made Schumaker livid, and as a result, he vocally blasted home plate umpire Laz Diaz.

Eventually, Schumaker went back to the dugout, however, he came out to the field once again not much longer afterward to chirp at Diaz more following his attempt to communicate about the pitch count. This time though, he pushed the ump a little bit too far, with Diaz ejecting him from the game.


Yeah, the Marlins might be having a terrible season, but Skip Schumaker showed here exactly why he won the National League Manager of the Year last season.

And what the hell was San Francisco doing anyway?