Jesse Watters, Guest Can’t Stop Laughing At Breakdown Of Bragg Trial Jurors

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Fox host Jesse Watters and outlet contributor Charlie Hurt couldn’t stop laughing Tuesday on Fox News while breaking down the juror selection for former President Donald Trump’s trial.

Hurt appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss the release of several confirmed jurors that were selected Tuesday to be on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump for allegedly falsifying business records in the forms of payments to porn star Stormy Daniels. Following Watters’ detailed breakdown of the seven jurors, the Fox host brought on Hurt to get his response to some of the descriptions of the candidates. (RELATED: Dismissed Juror Tells MSNBC Of ‘Jarring’ Experience With Trump In Court: ‘This Is Just Another Guy’)

“Charlie, I think at this point we can say it is not going to be an acquittal. I think the most Trump can hope for is a hung jury with one person holding on,” Watters began.

“Look, that’s all we are looking for here. The fate of the country, the fate of our entire political system rests on — and I’m going to put basically all of my hopes on the immigrant from Ireland and the Puerto Rican. I think they’re our best shots at saving American democracy. And my biggest concern, of course, is that five of the seven read The New York Times, which is deeply alarming. Also concerning is how many of these people call themselves outdoorsy and they like to hike and they live in Manhattan. They’re doing it wrong, that is not where you live if you’re outdoorsy and you like to hike,” Hurt responded.

“But, I have to say that when you look at all of the people involved in this thing, this raft of people, even the people that are kind of ridiculous – like the software engineer from Walt Disney and a number of them I am very doubtful that they are being honest about it – but they’re better than having the fate in the hands of Alvin Bragg. I will say that much.”

“Yes, that is true. Also concerning is the nurse on the Upper East Side with a master’s degree and the two DEI corporate litigators who claim they haven’t really been following the case. Okay, let’s move on -” Watters stated.

“I mean I get it, you can’t swing a dead cat in New York City and not hit a lawyer. But why do you have lawyers on jurors? I would never let a lawyer on any jury of mine but that’s just me,” Hurt responded.

While all of the members remained anonymous during the selection process, being given letters and numbers as identification, four men and three women ranging from young to middle-aged were selected on the second day of the trial, according to CBS News. The occupations of the selected were confirmed to be a salesman, a nurse, two lawyers, an IT consultant, a teacher and a software engineer, with three of the jurors notably growing up outside of New York in Ireland, Oregon, and Puerto Rico, the outlet reported.

During the selection, all seven answered questions about their backgrounds and opinions of the former president. As some stated that they didn’t have an opinion on Trump, like the nurse, others like the IT consultant admitted to finding the former president “fascinating and mysterious,” CBS News reported.

Since the questioning began Monday, an estimated 80 people have been excused due to stating they couldn’t be impartial in the case, as others were dismissed over their answers about their social media posts or political beliefs, according to CBS News. There are still five more jurors needed to be selected in addition to six alternatives.