WARNING GRAPHIC: Surveillance Video Appears To Show Moment Of Woman’s Murder In US City


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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WARNING: This article contains footage and descriptions that some readers may find disturbing.

Footage shared Thursday on social media appears to show show the brutal death of Alisia DeCoteau at a Seattle apartment complex in March.

The 1 minute 50 second video shared on social media appears to show the moment 20-year-old mother DeCoteau entered the Ellis Court Apartment complex in Seattle, followed by her alleged murderer, Rickesha Denise Overton, 30. Overton appears to hold a pistol to DeCoteau’s head as the mother screams for her to “stop.”

Instead, Overton appears to say, “I will blow your mouth off —.” The two women then go back and forth at the bottom of the stairs as Overton appears to continue pointing the gun at DeCoteau.

Overton then appears to push DeCoteau through a fire exit door and onto the ground. She walks away and appears to be leaving as Overton screams and cries outside.

Half-way up the stairs to the exit, Overton turns around and goes back out the door to where DeCoteau is still sitting. Screams can be heard, both DeCoteau’s and what sounds like Overton yelling at her to be quiet. (RELATED: Stepfather Stabs Engineering Student More Than 100 Times While She Tries Protecting Her Mother, Police Say)

Overton then exits the building and appears to fire one shot, appearing to hit DeCoteau who screams. Overton then appears to fire again. DeCoteau falls silent. For a few seconds Overton appears to mess with the gun while saying “bitch.” She then screams something that sounds like “nah” before appearing to kick DeCoteau and shouting “bitch, you dead?” This continues for several more seconds.

As she moves around DeCoteau’s body, Overton says “the bitch still breathing,” “that bitch is crazy” and repeats, “bitch, you dead?” Other people start yelling in the background and the video ends. (RELATED: Kidnapping Victim Escapes Trunk Of Car After Driver Crashes Into Home)

Overton was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and second-degree assault, Jonathan Choe, a journalist, wrote in the tweet alongside the video. Her bail is set at $5,000,000, according to KIRO7. Overton initially told officers that DeCoteau came into her apartment and that she had to shoot her, court documents revealed, the outlet reported. She reportedly later told law enforcement DeCoteau wasn’t dead.