‘We’re Done’: Chicago Resident Rips ‘Blue Haired Liberals’ After Being Told To Accept Illegal Immigrants In City

[Screenshot/Fox News/"The Ingraham Angle"]

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Chicago resident “P Rae” Easley ripped “blue-haired liberals” Friday on Fox News after another resident suggested they should accept illegal immigrants in the city during a previous city council meeting.

Easley appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss how she called out Democratic Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson at a city council meeting Wednesday for reusing taxpayer money on illegal immigrants before a vote on a $70 million sanctuary city bolster proposal, according to Fox News. While Easley and a group of others slammed the officials’ actions, the Fox guest host played a clip of a male resident, with blue hair, attempting to tell others they needed “vast resources” to “protect their new community members.”

While others at the meeting could be heard booing at the male resident, he continued to claim that immigrants were the “lifeblood of the city,” to which the Fox guest host questioned Easley on the pushback. (RELATED: ‘We’re Getting Pushed Out’: Chicago Residents Blast City Officials Over Migrant Crisis)

“Firstly that man doesn’t represent us,” Easley said. “Those blue-haired liberals are not our neighbors. They don’t hang out with us, they have not been living in the city as long as we have and you can hear that we openly booed him. Those people don’t represent us and we wish that they would speak a lot quieter. We are done, again.”

“They want to dominate the conversation,” she continued. “They believe that they are intellectually superior to us and that we are so pitiful that we need them to come defend us. We are saying ‘We don’t. Leave us alone. Leave us alone, we’re not a pity party or a charity.’ We are proud Americans and we want the best for our country and that does not include subsidizing illegal immigration that was brought to us via the cartel. Absolutely not.”

Chicago residents have been openly opposed to the sanctuary city’s choices regarding illegal immigration to Chicago, however, local and state officials recently approved aid to over 35,000 migrants totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. In February, Democratic Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker called for lawmakers to provide $182 million to assist the blue city.