Video Appears To Show London Cop Confronting Man For Being ‘Openly Jewish’


Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Gideon Falter, the head of the Campaign Against Antisemitism organization, was allegedly confronted Saturday by a London policeman who feared his being “openly Jewish” might disturb the public peace, the Telegraph reported.

Falter said he was trying to cross the street while wearing a skull cap and a bag carrying his prayer shawl after attending religious services while a pro-Palestine march was occurring in the area, the outlet noted. A police sergeant allegedly stopped Falter from crossing the road while the march was taking place over his concern that the presence of a Jew could spark problems with the protesters, the outlet reported. (RELATED: REPORT: Home Of Holocaust Survivors Vandalized With Nazi And Pro-Palestinian Imagery)

The alleged exchange between the two men was filmed. “You are quite openly Jewish. This is a pro-Palestinian march. I am not accusing you of anything, but I am worried about the reaction to your presence,” the London officer appeared to tell Falter.

“We [Falter and his friends] were not wearing anything like stickers or badges, we didn’t have placards or signs, we weren’t chanting slogans or engaging with the protesters…we were just walking wherever we wanted to as Jews,” Falter said during his recollection of the alleged event. Falter claimed that his main issue was not “the frontline officers” who he said were “put into impossible positions” but that “it’s not safe for Jews to be walking in the presence of these protests.”

Footage also showed a different officer who appeared to inform Falter that there were now enough police to escort him “out of the area” and that if he declined to do so he could face arrest by the police “because your presence is antagonizing them [the marchers].” Falter noted in his recollection that not everyone in the protest had an issue with his presence there but that some were allegedly very vocally hostile to Falter’s presence.

London police issued a statement to The Telegraph acknowledging the video and the incident. “We are aware of this video and fully acknowledge the worry it has caused, not only to those featured, but also anyone who watches it, and will review the circumstances … Everyone has the right to travel throughout the capital in safety. We will meet and discuss with anyone who wishes to organize a march or protest ahead of 27 April,” the police said.