Democratic Politician Marc Elrich Snaps At Reporter Over Question On Transgender Teen Shooter Suspect


Mariane Angela Contributor
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A Democratic Maryland politician Marc Elrich defended his administration’s handling of a sensitive case Friday during a press conference, Daily Wire reported.

Democratic Montgomery County, Maryland Executive Marc Elrich snapped back at a reporter while responding to queries about the alleged concealment of a transgender teenager’s identity, who was recently arrested for planning school shootings, according to the outlet.

The tension at the press conference escalated when a reporter questioned Elrich about the county’s hesitance to disclose the suspect’s identity, citing similar cases in recent times. “What is the reluctance of the county to admit that this individual was transgender?” a reporter asked Elrich, according to the Daily Wire. “This is the fourth time that we’ve seen this happen very recently. (RELATED: Media Ignores Transgender Identity Of Alleged Potential Mass Shooter)

“Because it’s not a lede,” Elrich responded, Daily Wire reported. “You know, how — do you publicize every time somebody gets murdered that it’s a white Christian male, who’s heterosexual? No, you don’t, you don’t — are these the only crimes that get committed? You never publish somebody’s sexual orientation when you talk about them.”

Elrich further criticized the focus on the suspect’s transgender status as irrelevant and misplaced. “Why are you focused on it being a transgender is beyond me. It is not a news story. It is not a crime to be transgender. And I’m sorry you feel that way,” he added.

The 18-year-old teenager, who identifies as a man, was arrested by the police with assistance from the FBI. Authorities discovered a 129-page manifesto outlining intentions to attack an elementary school among other targets, according to the Daily Wire.