MMA Star Ali Heibati Appears To Kick Ring Girl, Commentator In Wild Scene. League Bans Him For Life


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Hard Fighting Championship (HFC), a bare-knuckle MMA competition, banned Iranian fighter Ali Heibati for life after he allegedly kicked a ring girl and commentator and sucker punched his opponent between rounds during a Friday fight in Moscow, according to the UK Mirror.

Heibati allegedly gave the ring girl a swift kick in the rear end as she walked by him holding up a sign to announce the fight’s first round. She immediately took exception and, impressively in my opinion, went right at Heibati and barked at him while the referee held her back.


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Heibati then lost his fight against Arkady Osipyan in quick succession, falling in the first round by TKO. After the fight was called, as Osipyan was waking away, Heibati allegedly sucker punched him in the back of the head, a video posted to Instagram appears to show. (RELATED: Hailstorm Of Haymakers: UFC Fighters End Prized Title Fight In The Most Badass Way I’ve Ever Seen)

To top it all off, Heibati completes his asshat triple crown by attempting to kick the fight’s commentator afterward, according to the UK Mirror.

Dude just gave a masterclass on how to be a Grade-A asshole. I don’t care how physically strong you are, raising your hand (or in this case, foot) to a woman has to be the weakest possible thing you can do. And then sucker punching your opponent after he wipes the floor with you? Absolutely pathetic. A lifetime ban was too good for this guy. They should let him keep fighting but only against dudes way above his weight class. He obviously already sucks so it would be hilarious to see him just continuously get knocked around and get increasingly more pissed off. We’ll let the ring girls sit that one out, for obvious reasons.