Pure Insanity: Oakland Stars Team Up To Make One Of The Most Insane Outfield Catches You’ll Ever See

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I hope this made the SportsCenter Top 10, good googly moogly!

Oakland University (Rochester, Michigan) has been getting some spotlight lately. During the NCAA March Madness tournament, their men’s basketball program pulled a mammoth first-round upset over the Kentucky Wildcats.

Fast forward to late April, and now it’s the Golden Grizzlies baseball team who’s getting a little shine time, courtesy of an absolutely incredible play they managed to do Saturday. And the kicker: They did this against another university from the Bluegrass State.

In the fourth inning of the Horizon League contest, Northern Kentucky outfielder Colton Kucera popped a ball towards left-center field and it looked like the senior was about to grab himself a home run. However, Oakland left fielder John Lauinger and center fielder Reggie Bussey had a different idea, one filled with pure insanity. (RELATED: Pirates’ Aroldis Chapman Suspended For 2 Games, Fined After ‘Inappropriate Actions’ Against Umpire)

When the ball looked like it was going over the wall, Lauinger tracked it down enough where he could get a glove on it to prevent it from being an HR, but with that being said, he was unable to make the catch — insert Bussey.

When Lauinger clipped the ball, it ricocheted back into the field, and that’s when Bussey came in to make the absolutely amazing diving catch and out.

Truly a spectacular play, and even then, that’s an understatement.


Another thing that needs to be pointed out: How sick was Northern Kentucky after that catch? Ugh!