‘The Watchers’ Trailer Suggests Cult Classic Horror Films Are Finally Back And Scarier Than Ever


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Warner Bros. Pictures dropped the trailer for “The Watchers” Monday and it looks like it might be the first cult classic horror film for years.

Gore, hyper-sexualization, socio-personal tensions: All of these tropes have utterly destroyed the horror genre in the last decade. It’s felt like absolutely no one is capable of making a scary film that is watchable by a broad adult audience, akin to the older classics like “Blair Witch Project” or even something a little spooky-goofy-jumpy like “Jeepers Creepers.”

But it looks like all of that is about to change thanks to “The Watchers,” the creepy-as-heck new film starring Dakota Fanning.

The storyline appears to follow Fanning’s character “Mia” as she takes a road trip out of town and into … a world that might be even more terrifying than “From.” (RELATED: AppleTV+ May Have Unwittingly Created The Ultimate Trad Wife TV Show)

Once trapped in this place, Fanning’s character realizes she’s not alone. While some of those are her fellow prisoners, whatever else is out there is facelessly terrifying. With M. Night Shyamalan producing, we’re hoping this flick will finally reset the horror genre and go back to what it is supposed to do: Make us scared of things that only appear in our nightmares.

“The Watchers” hits theaters on June 14.