‘Gaffe After Gaffe After Gaffe’: Charles Payne Explodes At Panelist Over Biden’s ‘Frustrating’ Blunders

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Fox Business host Charles Payne exploded at a Fox News panelist over President Joe Biden’s “frustrating” gaffes Wednesday on “Outnumbered.”

Biden falsely claimed Tuesday during a campaign stop in Florida that he used to drive an 18-wheeler. The repeated claim, which the president made once in 2021, was debunked by PolitiFact and Snopes, as both outlets found no evidence that Biden once held such a job. Payne unleashed on Fox News panelist Leslie Marshall over her defense of Biden’s many speech blunders.

“You know, it’s interesting because, uh, I saw someone complaining about Donald Trump, uh, exaggerating. There’s a big difference between exaggerating and just lying. Now maybe it’s memory, but it’s one after another,” Payne said. “From the Obama administration, I used to have this, uh, tape, this DVD with all of, with all Biden gaffes — it was amazing. This next one’s gonna be like, forget about it.”

“But it is frustrating, in a sense, that he does it, the crowd laughs, it’s never reported on, it’s never pounced on, and even — not by the mainstream media. No one knows about this unless they watch Fox or a couple other smaller networks. Uh, and, he’s reading this stuff and still getting it wrong,” he continued.

“Forgetting about politics for a moment, do you want your commander-in-chief to be someone who can’t even read off an index card a few lines in front of a small crowd?” Payne asked. “It seems almost surreal, like a comedy plot that you would submit to a major network like, ‘Hey, I’ve got an idea, you know, for a show because the president yada yada.’ Now they may kick you out of the studio and say, ‘That’s too fantastical. Could never happen.’ But it does not, it seems almost surreal at this point.”

“Well, the first thing, when you said ‘there’s a difference between an exaggeration and a lie,’ I just had to say, ‘I won the election, it was rigged.’ Those are some lies,” Marshall retorted. “And I could go on and on. Look, what I, from my perspective, whenever Joe Biden messes up a word, I, I hear about it across the board. I don’t hear the same with former President Trump. This morning, I did an interview —”

“Well, he’s under gag order … You’re probably not gonna hear much,” Fox News host Harris Faulkner remarked. (RELATED: ‘I Have Rights To Be Here!’: Screaming Protester Dragged Out Of Biden Event During Kennedy Appearance On CNN)

“This morning I did an interview, full confession. And I, and I said, ‘the people of Pakistan.’ I didn’t say Palestinian territory — supporters, excuse me, of Pakistan. Not Palestine. Now, in my defense, I had not finished my first cup of coffee, but at the same time, am I demented?” Marshall asked.

“It always offends me when people talk to me and us like we’re dumb. What you made is such a dumb example. We know what we’re not — we’re not talking about you or me or her or anyone making an occasional gaffe. We are talking about gaffe after gaffe after gaffe after gaffe. No, you’re not dumb, you’re insulting,” Payne shot back at Marshall. “Gaffe after gaffe after gaffe after gaffe after gaffe.”

Biden’s 18-wheeler claim is not the only incorrect story the president has told to an audience. Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape was perturbed by Biden’s fabricated story that Biden’s uncle was shot down during WWII and never found because “there are a lot of cannibals” in Marape’s country.