Jayden Daniels Says He Would Be ‘Blessed’ To Go To Commanders In NFL Draft. He’s Dead Wrong

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

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Former LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels told reporters he would be “blessed” to be drafted second overall by the Washington Commanders but a trip to DC would be far from a blessing for the Heisman winner.

Daniels was seemingly attempting to quash speculation that he doesn’t want to go to D.C. after his agent expressed dissatisfaction at the Commanders’ decision to host Daniels’ pre-draft visit with a number of other quarterbacks.

“I’m blessed to go wherever I’m called,” Daniels said Wednesday, according to The Associated Press. “Whoever calls my phone, whoever gives the card to the Commissioner that says my name, I’m blessed to go and they’re gonna get my all.”

When reporters asked him if he’d be ok with going to D.C., he said, “100 percent.” (RELATED: What The Hell Is Going On With Jayden Daniels’ Elbow?)

Daniels is widely projected to go second overall to the Commanders in Thursday’s NFL Draft.

I like Jayden Daniels so I’m gonna give him some free advice. Don’t. Don’t do it. Do whatever is humanly possible to avoid getting sucked into the dumpster fire that is the Washington football team. You may think playing in the NFL for any team is a dream come true, and for the other 31 teams I would agree with you, but not for D.C.

The last time Washington drafted a promising, athletic, Heisman-winning quarterback with the second overall pick was in 2012 when they selected Robert Griffin III and they absolutely ruined him. Right off the bat they shot his confidence in the foot by taking another starting caliber quarterback, Kirk Cousins, in the same draft. After a record-breaking rookie season, he tore his ACL in the playoffs. Numerous early attempts to come back, an effort that SB Nation calls “systematic dysfunction,” likely prevented him from making a full recovery and he ended up losing his starting job eventually.

I don’t want to see the same thing happen to Daniels. He’s an exciting, electric young player that could light the league on fire if he were to go to a competent organization.

The Commies have new leadership in recent years and by all standards they aren’t as bad as they used to be. But the pure spiritual rot that permeated throughout the franchise for decades is not a stench you can easily wipe away. Daniels would be well-served to pull an ‘Eli Manning’ and tell them he’s not playing for them whether they draft him or not.