Georgia Police Officer Demonstrates Textbook Tackle Technique In Protester Takedown


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A cop responding to Pro-Palestinian protests on the campus of Atlanta’s Emory University absolutely wrecked a protester with a picture perfect takedown Thursday.

The cop slid around a crowd of protesters scuffling with his fellow law enforcement officers like he was sliding past an offensive lineman and BOOM, just absolutely levelled a fully masked protester and brought the agitator to the ground.

Someone get this dude an NFL contract. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Falcons took a late round flyer on him in the ongoing NFL Draft. Little undersized for a pass rusher but what he lacks in bulk he more than makes up for in skill and precision.

The officers were responding to a mass protest on Emory’s campus, one of many taking place across the country. Protests got heated at many universities, including at UT Austin where state troopers surrounded protestors, and at the University of Southern California where protestors appeared to intimidate police into releasing a detained agitator. (RELATED: Soros-Backed DA Lets Pro-Palestinian Protestors Walk Scot-Free In Texas)

But Emory’s demonstrations were particularly volatile as police allegedly unloaded chemical compounds and rubber bullets. Law enforcement confirmed the use of “chemical irritants” but denied using rubber bullets. Police also allegedly used tear gas and tased and handcuffed multiple protesters, Fox 5 reported.

Emory’s estimated undergraduate tuition and board costs run up to nearly $90,000 per year, according to a Daily Caller investigation. Without aid, a parent could pay well over a quarter of a million dollars just to have their kid get a liberal arts degree and get smoked by Trooper Hook here. Hilarious, but also kind of sad.