Falcons Spend Premium Pick On QB Weeks After Spending Ton On Kirk Cousins … What The Hell Are They Doing?

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

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The Atlanta Falcons spent the eighth overall pick in Thursday’s NFL Draft on an almost 24-year-old quarterback with a lengthy injury history just weeks after handing QB Kirk Cousins a $180 million contract.

This pick makes no sense. Atlanta just gave Cousins a four-year deal in March. $100 million guaranteed! And they spend a top pick on Washington QB Michael Penix Jr. Why???

Don’t get me wrong, I actually really like Penix. Aside from having the literal funniest name I’ve ever heard, he’s a solid prospect. But he’s old for an incoming rookie. And he’s torn his ACL twice and hurt both shoulders. All of that would make him a dubious selection this high up for a team that didn’t have a nine-figure deal with an incumbent QB.

To make matters worse, Cousins was flabbergasted at the selection. He was allegedly “shocked” and “disappointed,” according to NFL Network’s Jane Slater. (RELATED: ‘Come On’: Goodell Reacts To Draft Crowd Absolutely Hating On Him)

The Falcons apparently warned Cousins they could draft a QB, but didn’t mention that they would do it in the first round, The Athletic’s Dianna Russini reported.

I, too, am shocked at this pick. A first-round pick is so wildly valuable in the NFL. You have a chance to completely change the trajectory of your team and your entire city. And I think the Falcons really blew it. If they wanted to draft a QB to sit behind Kirko, they could’ve taken 21-year-old J.J. McCarthy. The kid’s almost three year’s younger than Penix, has way less injury history and … oh yeah. He just beat Penix’s Washington Huskies in the college football national championship. Make it make sense.