Yeahhhh I’m Gonna Need The New York Giant’s Newest Draft Pick To Look A LITTLE More Enthused That We Just Picked Him


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The newest New York Giant, former stud LSU receiver Malik Nabers, arrived at the team’s facility Friday and he did not look happy to be there.

After the Giants selected him with the sixth overall pick in Thursday night’s NFL Draft, the team flew him out to meet with coaches and staff and he looked less than enthused upon arrival.

As a matter of fact, Nabers looked absolutely miserable while shaking hands with Giants general manager Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll, a video the Giants posted to social media shows.

Listen, I get that he just flew straight from the draft in Detroit and probably had a night out to celebrate, but look alive, lad! You’re in the NFL! $30 million guaranteed! Endorsement deals are coming! Life is good, would a freaking smile kill you? (RELATED: NFL Team Spends Premium Pick On QB … What The Hell Are They Doing?)

Maybe it’s just setting in that Nabers will now be catching passes from Daniel Jones and he’s wondering if he’ll ever actually get the ball further than five yards down the field, and that’s a valid concern. But you gotta at least put on a good face for the cameras bud. Especially living in New York.

As a lifelong New York sports fan I can tell you this. The media will scrutinize every little thing you do. Hell, I’m doing it right now. I’m trying to give Nabers the benefit of the doubt, though. He’s an undeniable stud. He ran a 4.3 40-yard dash. He had 1,570 yards and 14 touchdowns at LSU last season. I think he’s going to be a great player. But he ain’t starting out on the best foot here.

I’m gonna try and spin this into the angle that he’s just so locked in on football that he doesn’t even have time for emotions. Purely for self-preservation’s sake, that’s the only way I can handle this level of apathy from our new star.