REPORT: Video Shows Substitute Teacher In Las Vegas Beat Up Student


Dana Abizaid Contributor
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A camera caught the dramatic moment when a substitute teacher floored a student with a left-right combo in a Las Vegas high school hallway, KTNV 13 reported Thursday.

Police arrested and charged substitute teacher Re’Kwon Smith, 27, with battery with substantial bodily harm and disturbance of school for the fight that broke out Thursday in the halls of Valley High School, according to KTNV 13.

Video shows the much bigger substitute teacher exchanging blows with the student before the educator lands a left-right combo that knocks the student to the floor. The substitute teacher then stands over the student, appearing to yell in his face and slap him in the head. (RELATED: Video Shows Student Slap Teacher In The Face: ‘You Want Me To Hit You Again?’)

“I see a teacher fighting a student, I’m like ‘wow,'” Andrew Acevez, a junior who witnessed the brawl, said, according to KTNV 13. “And then the teacher is just standing over him, just slapping him, saying stuff to him, and I’m like, ‘wow, that’s crazy.'”

Police said that because of his arrest, Smith, who had been employed by the Clark County School District (CCSD) since November 2023, “will be removed from CCSD’s substitute pool and is no longer eligible to serve as a substitute in the district.”

The school’s principal sent parents a note acknowledging the fight between a student and staff member, KTNV 13 reported.

“CCSD does not tolerate violence of any kind,” the school district stated. “Violence in any form is unacceptable and goes against the fundamental principles of education and respect. Any altercation between a teacher and a student is thoroughly investigated, and appropriate disciplinary action is taken.”

Police said the substitute teacher has been booked into the Clark County Detention Center, KTNV13 reported.