The White House Correspondents’ Dinner Was A Monument To Corporate Press’ Self-Importance And Left-Wing Cronyism

REUTERS/Tom Brenner

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Members of the press corps, politicians and other D.C. elite gathered Saturday night at the Washington Hilton for a cavalcade of self-indulgence during the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

The event, hosted by Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost, exemplified the fourth estate’s deep relationship with the Democratic party.

Following remarks from White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) president Kelly O’Donnell, NBC’s Lester Holt emerged to present WHCA awards to some of the biggest names in corporate journalism.

National Public Radio’s Tamara Keith won the award for broadcast journalism delivered on deadline for her coverage of President Biden’s post-October 7, 2023 visit to Israel. Keith, upon receiving the award, warmly greeted Biden, shaking his hand and posing for a cozy picture with the subject of her reporting. Holt praised Keith’s professionalism, but the moment exemplified the relationship between the media elite and the people they’re supposed to objectively report on. (RELATED: VIDEO: Anti-Israel Protesters Cause Chaos For White House Correspondents’ Dinner Attendees)

Biden also posed for a picture with a trio of Pro Publica journalists who won an award. Biden notably appeared to get uncomfortably close to one of the recipients, Lomi Kriel.

President Biden poses for a photo with award winners during the 2024 White House Correspondent's Dinner. 4/27/24. Screenshot/YouTube/C-Span

President Biden poses for a photo with award winners during the 2024 White House Correspondent’s Dinner. 4/27/24. Screenshot/YouTube/C-Span

The WHCA also awarded scholarships to a number of aspiring reporters who proudly professed in a pre-recorded video, “We are the voice of the people.” The choreographed remarks not only highlighted the stereotypical D.C. journalist’s inflated sense of self-importance, but also previewed just how non-critical the next generation of stenographers-in-training could turn out to be.

Perhaps the cringiest moment — emerging from a sea of pure cringe — came when members of the WHCA tried their hand at a viral TikTok trend, attempting to mimic the “I’m a [insert random thing here], of course I [insert another random thing here]” meme. Current (but possibly soon-to-be former) White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre put the cherry on top of the cringe cake with her awkward rendition of the skit.

Colin Jost’s monologue, while mildly humorous (specifically, roasting the New York Times for being more popular for their Wordle phone game for their journalism), completely missed the mark when he questioned why Biden is still neck and neck with Trump despite the numbers indicating a “strong economy.”

U.S. President Joe Biden reacts to a joke by comedian and host Colin Jost during the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington, U.S., April 27, 2024. REUTERS/Tom Brenner

Jost, I’ve got a newsflash for you: with inflation continuing to rise, 63 percent of Americans still can’t afford a $500 emergency, according to a survey from the Federal Reserve.

“I think that the fundamentals of the economy have to be measured by whether or not the middle class is getting a fair shake.”

You know who said that, Colin?

Barack Obama.

Do you really believe, with nearly two-thirds of the country a car wreck away from poverty, the middle class is getting a fair shake?

Jost, a professed comedian, ended his set, not with jokes, but with a heartfelt tribute to Biden’s “decency.”

Biden managed to pull himself together for a rousing 10 minutes during which he roasted former President Trump for his ongoing legal battles, the majority of which were brought about by Biden’s own Department of Justice. Attendees clapped like trained seals as Biden blasted Trump, Fox News and even the New York Times for critical coverage of him. Halfway through the ten minutes, however, Biden changed the tone, thanking the press for their heroism and saying to them, “You literally risk your lives,” while comparing them to first responders on 9/11.

President Trump fired off criticism of the event’s attempt at comedy on TRUTH Social early Sunday.

While nobody expected the dinner to be anything more than a joke, even I was impressed with the degree to which the supposed objective press fawned over Biden and his Democrats.