VIDEO: Anti-Israel Protesters Cause Chaos For White House Correspondents’ Dinner Attendees

[The Daily Caller]

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Pro-Palestine protesters took to the streets of the nation’s capital Saturday evening, creating a chaotic scene outside the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Video captured by the Daily Caller shows a large group of activists protesting outside of the White House press corps’s annual star-studded gathering at the Washington Hilton hotel. A left-wing activist group, Code Pink, reportedly organized the demonstration, instructing supporters go through Kalorama Park to reach the hotel, according to the group’s website.

The protestors gathered in response to the dinner allegedly becoming a “platform that celebrates and endorses the administration’s actions” and that the “media perpetuates anti-Palestinian narratives and ignores Israeli war crimes.” (RELATED: Republican Lawmaker Wants To Send Antisemitism Monitors To Campuses, Pull Funding From Schools That Don’t Comply)

“The Correspondents’ Dinner is nothing more than a celebration and endorsement of the administration’s actions. That is not journalism. That is complicity,” the Code Pink website states.

Footage of the evening’s activities shows protesters banging on drums and yelling chants such as, “Shame, shame, shame on you, for all the terror that you do” and others about the media’s alleged lying.

In one clip, what appears to be two attendees arriving for the dinner could be seen being berated by activists, who shouted at the couple. The couple was repeated shamed by one protestor, seen standing next to a sign which had the ABC logo placed adjacent to a phrase reading, “All Bullsh*t Constantly,” and another which had the CNN logo next to the phrase, “Criminal News Network.”

“Shame on you! Children in Gaza are dying! While you dine, children are dying,” one protester could be heard yelling as the couple walked off.

Another clip shows a staged “die-in in the street,” with activists laying in a circle in the middle of the road as a fellow protestor with a bullhorn yelled at attendees walking by.

Another clip shows an attendee walking through the activists’ chaotic gathering, appearing to be fed up with the group as he’s heard saying, “fucking hell,” while walking by the camera.

The demonstration comes after nearly two weeks of tension with protesters on college campuses across the U.S. Following an April 17 protest on Columbia University’s campus, a wave of pro-Palestine demonstrations erupted at various universities, with videos showing chaotic scenes on campuses such as the University of Southern California (USC) and Yale University.

As protesting continued, schools like Columbia University have shifted classes to an online program for the remainder of the semester. USC ultimately cancelled their upcoming main stage graduation in May.