ROOKE: Conservatives Are Embracing The Most Basic Function Of Humanity, And The Left Is Bewildered


Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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A liberal media writer seems puzzled about a non-political conference promoting the importance of having children by calling it the “far-right’s campaign to explode the population.”

Politico released a piece April 28 detailing the first Natal Conference (NatalCon), which took place in December 2023, as a “behind-the-scenes” exposé on the organization’s push to get people to have children and how it’s supposedly connected to the far-right. They sent their writer, Gaby Del Valle, to cover the conference. Her work focuses on immigration, surveillance and the far-right, according to her Politico bio.

For anyone with a brain who can see that the U.S. is currently experiencing the lowest rates of fertility since 1979, the obvious solution is to … have more babies. But to the left, having children is considered extreme and an attack on illegal immigration.

“The broader natalist movement has been gaining momentum lately in conservative circles –where anxieties over falling birth rates have converged with fears of rising immigration, “Del Valle writes, adding that Elon Musk and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán are “proponents” of this movement. “Natalism is often about more than raising birth rates, though that is certainly one of its aims; for many in the room, the ultimate goal is a total social overhaul, a culture in which child-rearing is paramount.”

Del Valle, along with Politico’s left-leaning readers, seems to be discovering for the first time that humans do, in fact, love to procreate. Having babies is something that has been going on for thousands of years. Yet, to the left, who is hellbent on creating an anti-child, anti-family dystopia, it seems like a radical idea in need of mocking.

“As the speakers chart their roadmaps for raising birth rates, it becomes evident that for the most dedicated of them, the mission is to build an army of like-minded people, starting with their own children, who will reject a whole host of changes wrought by liberal democracy and who, perhaps one day, will amount to a population large enough to effect more lasting change,” she said. “This conference suggests there’s a simple way around the problem of majority rule: breeding a new majority – one that looks and sounds just like them.” (ROOKE: Red State Bill Could See Residents Jailed For Online Speech)

It also seems that the left has never heard of passing down their family’s principles or legacy to their children. Del Valle’s disdain for this concept is palatable as she describes the speakers’ ideas and clumsily appears to connect them to white supremacy.

“Though few speakers explicitly mentioned race, the conference provided an opportunity for those with genuine concerns about population decline to join forces with, and perhaps be influenced by, those who espouse racist or regressive views,” she wrote.

To the left, the only reason conservatives would want to have children is because of racism or bigotry. Del Valle even scoffs at the idea that Americans don’t want to create babies “so they can fund Medicare,” as presented by the conference’s opening act, Kevin Dolan, a father of six who runs EXIT Group. This organization focuses on creating institutions parallel to the ones that are “hostile to competence and are in terminal decline.”

” … he and the other NatalCon speakers aren’t primarily concerned with the utilitarian arguments for raising birth rates,” Del Valle said. She seems shocked that Dolan would tell the crowd they aren’t there to perpetuate a machine that hates them but rather that they “agree that people are beautiful, that life is beautiful, and that it should go on.”

The left expects conservatives to hate children and accept the child-free, pro-corporate life they want to build. She doesn’t understand that their progressive policies promoting transgenderism or genderless lifestyles are antithetical to the rest of the country, who want to have families, own homes and give their children a life worth living. (ROOKE: Fleeing To Red States Won’t Spare You From The War Against Wokeness)

Have they ever considered that the easy solution to their problem would be to have more children? If the left doesn’t want to wake up in a world ruled by conservatives who have “out-bred” them, they, too, can help stop the population decline by getting married and having children. But that would mean they would have to let go of their selfishness and help create a “culture in which child-rearing is paramount.”

These are the same people who scream abortion is compassionate, so, of course, a conference that promotes the basic concept of humanity, like procreation, will automatically come across as “right-wing,” despite the reality that having children is the greatest purpose men and women have regardless of political ideology.

The left’s economy makes living this life extremely difficult. Bidenomics is creating a nation of renters stuck in soulless corporate jobs who feel it’s impossible to afford to raise children. Yet their issue isn’t with the system. It’s with conservatives who found that the way out is to refuse to become a low-birth rate statistic and teach their children that life is beautiful. (ROOKE: Conservative Men – Focus On Finding A Good Wife, Not A ‘Trad Wife’)

This is not an immediate solution and requires decades of dedication to something greater than themselves, so instead of joining the pro-child movement, the left sees their only move is to mock it and call it racist. Meanwhile, conservatives will keep experiencing the joy of homes filled with children.