ROOKE: Fleeing To Red States Won’t Spare You From The War Against Wokeness

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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The most important issue plaguing American parents (outside the failing economy) is whether or not their children are being indoctrinated into progressive ideologies that distort the natural laws of sex and gender. While on its face it seems like a good idea to leave the deep blue states outwardly promoting these harmful ideals, red states are not a safe haven against the insanity.

A small town in Montana, a state known for its wide open spaces and Cowboy lifestyle, is reportedly hosting its first-ever Pride parade that will allegedly include a drag show for kids, according to a popular anon account on Twitter called Lomez. He remarked that this is proof “Woke isn’t dying. Woke isn’t going anywhere.”

“[A] friend told me his small red town in a red state 500 miles from the nearest international airport just announced it’s having it’s first ever Pride parade, including a drag show for kids sponsored by the town council,” Lomez tweeted. “This also came with a ‘Proclamation’ issued by the city declaring the town a safe space and condemning bigotry blah blah blah, suggesting that any objections, let alone active resistance to a city-sponsored Pride week and kid’s drag show is somehow verboten.” (ROOKE: California Is About To Bring A Dad’s Worst Nightmare To Life)

“This raises complex strategic/tactical questions. Despite outnumbering the hicklibs, ordinary people who don’t want their cities hosting kids drag shows are not organized, don’t know how to organize, and wouldn’t know what effective resistance would look like if they were,” Lomez continued. “What you’re most likely to see is a disorganized counter-protest, some Facebook mom’s group going off half-cocked, mixed in with a few feds, which will only strengthen the resolve of the Pride advocates, give fodder to local media, and look foolish to outside observers.”

Sadly, his assessment is correct. Red states like Montana have long forgotten how to fight back against the left’s ever-encroaching wokeness. While there might be a counter-protest, the likelihood of the event being shut down before it happens is low. Still, why was it even allowed in the first place?

Former President Donald Trump won Montana by almost 100,000 votes in the 2020 presidential election. In Park County, where Livingston is located, Trump received 6,025 of the 11,566 votes cast, winning that county by 52%. (ROOKE: SCOTUS Has To Protect Kids From Genital Mutilation Because The Rest Of Society Wouldn’t)

In an area that is predominately voting for a Republican presidential candidate, there is likely not a huge population of people who identify as a member of the LGBT community. And even less likely are there to be enough numbers who agree that children should be attending these highly sexualized drag shows. Still, that didn’t stop the left from targeting this town for its events.

Montana has already made the news in 2024 after two parents, Krista (stepmom) and Todd Kolstad (biological father), accused the state’s child protective services (CPS) of “kidnapping” their 14-year-old girl confused by gender ideology. The Kolstad’s alleged CPS trafficked her across state lines to a specialized residential care facility to receive treatment for her severe mental health issues. To make matters worse, the state allegedly even threatened to send her out of the country to Canada to live with her mother, who has been accused of being abusive to the girl.

“We were told that letting [their daughter] transition and live as a boy was in her ‘therapeutic best interest,’ and because we aren’t willing to follow that recommendation, the court gave CFS [Child and Family Services] custody of Jennifer for six months. CFS is now going to place [her] in the care of her birth mother [Christine] in Canada, who has never really been a part of her life. The judge said to us, ‘You need to expect that reunification with your family may not be what you are expecting,'” Mrs. Kolstad said, Reduxx reported.

Americans expect this level of insanity to hit areas of the country Democrats control. Still, even red states aren’t protected from the onslaught of progressivism hellbent on capturing their children and forcing adherence to radical left-wing ideology. Taking your children out of states like California, Maine or New York is not enough. Moving does nothing to protect these children from bearded men in flamboyant makeup and obscene dresses exposing themselves. (ROOKE: Montana Child Trafficking Story Exposes GOP Weakness In Protecting American Children)

It’s not a wild right-wing thought that children shouldn’t be sexualized, given porn in school libraries or told there are infinite genders. Americans need to wake up and realize that unless there is a total stop to this ideology from being allowed in public, there is no safe place for their children to grow up.

The left will find and use children in perverse ways that endanger their innocence, and politicians will do nothing to prevent it. It’s up to parents to create safety for their families. It starts at the school board and ends in their state capitols.