‘Keep Marching For Hamas, Kids’: Bill Maher Slams College Protests Supporting Hamas, Claims Misdirected Activism

(Screenshot/YouTube/Club Random Podcast)

Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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Bill Maher condemned the anti-Israel protests on campuses during the Tuesday episode of the podcast “Club Random.”

During his “Club Random” podcast with UFC president Dana White, comedian and HBO host Maher criticized the intensity of anti-Israel protests on campuses like Columbia University. Maher lambasted the protesters for their misplaced priorities, and pointed out the complexities and moral challenges in the Middle East. He highlighted the cultural practices in Afghanistan as an example, expressing frustration with protesters‘ support for Hamas.

“The Afghanistan culture — part of it — is we found out when we invaded and stayed there for 20 years,” he said. “There are rich men who have, like, 10-year-old boys. That’s just a thing — like — you can get when you’re a rich guy; so keep marching for Hamas, kids. You really got your liberal eyes on the right prize here.”

Maher pointed also mentioned the protesters’ cheering for Iran during conflicts involving Israel. (RELATED: ‘Get Out Of My Face’: College Protester Walks Away From Fox Host Pressing Her On ‘Hostage’ Situation)

“Now they’re cheering for Iran because they just fired all the missiles at Israel. So Iran is the good guys? You mean, the Ayatollah, the f***ing black-hearted, black-eyed, bomb-planting dude that we — captured our people?” Maher continued.

Maher wrapped up his comments by noting that such protests might be counterproductive for the Democratic Party, especially with the upcoming 2024 presidential election, as they could potentially drive away moderate voters.

“I keep trying to tell the Left this every week. Like — the more you do crazy sh**, the more you push the people in the middle to the Right,” Maher explained.