Anti-Israel, Pro-Israel Protesters Can Only Agree On One Thing: ‘F*ck Joe Biden’


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Two groups of student protestors at the University of Alabama were diametrically opposed: one group pro-Palestine, one group pro-Israel. But there was one single thing the two groups could agree on: “Fuck Joe Biden.”

The opposing groups volleyed “Fuck Joe Biden” chants back and forth at each other during a Wednesday protest at the University of Alabama, a video The Crimson White’s Maven Navarro posted to Twitter shows.

One side was dressed in hippie garb, waving rainbow and Palestine flags and holding signs that said “CEASEFIRE NOW.”

On the other side, across a chasm of asphalt and separated by caution tape and campus cops were the counter-protestors, wearing camo pants and waving American and Israeli flags. One man was waving a Trump banner.

Joe Biden is finally bringing people together. (RELATED: Biden’s Approval Rating Falls Near Record Low As Election Approaches: POLL)

Biden’s popularity plummeted following his response to Israel’s military campaign in Gaza and his administration’s handling of a wave of anti-Israeli protests on college campuses across the U.S. His approval ratings hit a record low for a President in his 13th quarter, according to a Gallup analysis. His approval rating averaged at 38.7% between Jan. 20 and April 19, according to Gallup.

Alabama’s pro-Palestinian contingent also chanted things like “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Lockheed Martin has got to go,” calling for Alabama to divest investments in Lockheed Martin, according to Navarro.

The protestors may have been successful, as Lockheed reportedly removed a mention of Alabama as a partner school from their website, according to Navarro.