ROOKE: The Boys Will Be Alright, But What About Our Young Women?

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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The pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses across the U.S. are highlighting the gender divide in the younger generations.

There is something interesting hidden in the viral video of the Pi Kappa Phi frat students from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill protecting and raising the American flag as angry protestors looked on in vitriolic rage. Young men are guarding the flag, while the protestors who are screaming and hurling obscenities at them appear to be mostly young women.

While recent generations have experienced their own version, the gender divide in the younger generation could not be more apparent. On one side, you have a population of men shunning the idea that their inherent masculinity is toxic and bravely mocking the feminist, Marxist takeover of their college campus. On the other, are women who hate their country and the men who protect it from the mob.

Women in America are becoming alarmingly more liberal than men, according to a February Gallup poll. About 40 percent of young women aged 18-29 said they were liberal or very liberal in 2023. Meanwhile, among young men in the age group, only 25 percent thought of themselves as liberal or very liberal. (The Air Force Has A Secret Weapon Untouched By DEI)

“Thus, a widening of the ideological gaps between men and women over time has been due to women becoming more liberal at a faster rate than men, rather than women and men moving in different ideological directions,” Gallup stated.

American women didn’t used to be this unpatriotic.

Probably the most famous among the first women to hold the crown of American patriotism is Betsy Ross. She was the widow of John Ross, the nephew of Col. George Ross, who helped lead the Continental Army under General George Washington.

The Committee of Three (George Washington, George Ross, and Robert Morris) came to Betsy with a task to create a flag that would unite the Continental Army. She went to work and delivered the thirteen stars and stripes shortly after. Despite losing two husbands to the Revolutionary War efforts, she was steadfast in her resolve and patriotism for a colonial America.

As more states entered into the Union, the American flag has morphed into the version the Pi Kappa Phi frat proudly protected against the pro-Palestinian protestors. (ROOKE: Biden Is Too Spineless To Seize A Golden Opportunity To Unite The Country)

Women were once so patriotic that they sowed the original American flag to spark unity while their men fought against the British; now, they proudly wear another nation’s flag on their heads and around their shoulders. These women are actively protesting to “make change” for a country of terrorists most of them have never been to while their own country falls apart.

It’s because they hate America and everything it stands for. This isn’t conjecture. Their chants, as they occupy American colleges demanding insane requests of collegiate jobs and tuition forgiveness, are more than anti-semitic. They are anti-American. These women scream out “Death to America” as they rip down our nation’s flag and raise their own. They are defacing statues of American historical figures with genocidal rhetoric and the Palestinian flag.

Progressive media blame the rise of the anti-American feminists on former President Donald Trump and so-called right-wing misogyny.

“One possible cause of the growing gender gap in the United States: Donald Trump. The former president is a notorious misogynist, and his election in 2016 fueled a massive Women’s March, then the #MeToo movement, a great outpouring of rage coupled with demands for accountability,” Slate wrote. “This newly invigorated feminist movement spurred, as feminist movements inevitably do, a right-wing backlash.”

Slate concludes that Democrats should make the best of the growing political divide between men and women. This is, of course, the wrong way to look at a serious issue that will plague our nation for decades. Increasing the divide will only hurt our country, but progressives don’t mind laughing as America fades from the beacon on the hill.

Making young women patriotic again is no easy task. There isn’t a blueprint for this sort of thing. The left has captured U.S. institutions from entertainment to education with Marxist ideology that only seeks to increase their hatred for a country that allows them the freedoms they clearly hate. Maybe it is time to send them to Palestine to live in the country they love more than their own. Once they experience what actual female oppression is, there is a chance they’ll gladly come back and cheer on the boys of the Pi Kappa Phi frat. (ROOKE: Conservatives Are Embracing The Most Basic Function Of Humanity, And The Left Is Bewildered)

Until then, it looks like the 21 percent of young women holding firm to their conservative beliefs will get their pick of masculine mates, while the others take to TikTok to complain about their dating life.