ROOKE: Biden Is Too Spineless To Seize A Golden Opportunity To Unite The Country

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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If the pro-Palestinian protests at American college campuses prove anything, it’s that President Joe Biden neither has the fortitude nor sense to do what’s right for the country.

America is a unique country in that it allows for freedom of assembly. It’s a protected right under the U.S. Constitution. Still, as college campuses across America continue to be in turmoil from pro-Palestinian protesters shut down classes and block Jewish students and professors from entering buildings, you’d expect something of this magnitude to be a cause for concern for Biden.

Yet, when Biden weighed in on Monday after an Earth Day event in Northern Virginia on these pro-Palestine demonstrations taking place, he showed he’s more interested in feeding into the anti-American part of his base than he is doing the hard work that would unify the country.

“I condemn the antisemitic protests,” Biden said. “That’s why I’ve set up a program to deal with that. I also condemn those who don’t understand what’s going on with the Palestinians.” (ROOKE: Fleeing To Red States Won’t Spare You From The War Against Wokeness)

These protests are more than anti-semitic. If he’d take the time to watch any of the footage released from these events, he’d see the people involved chanting “death to America,” along with their genocidal rhetoric. Despite this, there is a right to peaceful assembly. The U.S. Supreme Court has a broad view of what is considered a peaceful assembly. Still, the American people are fed up with the idea that the President of the United States would in any way condone this type of behavior.

He couldn’t muster an ounce of political courage or sense to tell these entitled, elitist college students to stop. Instead, he emboldened their continued harassment of the very people he claims to want to protect. He’s like a worm on a hook held by the far left wing of his party, incapable of breaking free from them. (ROOKE: SCOTUS Has To Protect Kids From Genital Mutilation Because The Rest Of Society Wouldn’t)

His Department of Justice has no issue going after grandmas peacefully parading the Capitol on January 6 or Catholics praying outside abortion clinics, but it’s apparently a bridge too far to do anything to stop the insanity at Columbia that caused the college to shut down in-person classes through the rest of the year –not to mention the protests on bridges across the country that disrupt the flow of traffic and prevent emergency crews from helping citizens in need or their sit-ins at restaurants and coffee shops.

He’s telling the American people he wants the radical vote more than theirs. These militants who burn the American flag and threaten their innocent classmates are more important to them than any moderate or swing voter who watches these protests in disgust and fear.

Democratic Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman is hardly a right-wing hero. Still, he is able to avoid compromising on his progressive agenda while also calling these protestors out for being “a**holes.” (Republicans Can End Left’s Chokehold At Universities With One Easy Trick)

“It is not appropriate or legal or helpful to advance your argument if you show up to a Starbucks with a bullhorn and start yelling at people. That doesn’t make you noble. It just makes you an a**hole,” Fetterman told Fox News Digital. “It’s very American to protest and to do that in the appropriate way. I absolutely support that. I am not suggesting that you have to agree with my view, but it’s just saying that it doesn’t allow you to disrupt lives and to inflict those kinds of damages on people [who] are just trying to get on with their lives.”

It’s a sad day in American politics when the man recovering from a stroke has a stronger backbone than the president. Biden had a chance to unify the country but once again chose to support the delusional, anti-American left. But what else is there to be expected from a man who has done so much damage to the core values of this country than to align himself with the people chanting “death to America.”