Hot Girls Troll Democrat Shill, Tell The World They Won’t Vote For Biden In Twitter’s Latest Trend

Screenshot/YouTube/The Comments Section With Brett Cooper

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A new trend is going viral after a conservative commentator mocked a pro-Biden influencer for his blatant Biden shilling in a Monday tweet.

A series of tweets from some of the most prominent female influencers on social media is catching on after what started as a joke is quickly becoming a viral trend.

The trend appeared to begin when Paula Scanlan, an ambassador for the Independent Women’s Forum, posted a picture mocking a young pro-Biden influencer for his support for the President.

I’m Paula Scanlan, I’m 24 years old, I’m in Connecticut, and I’m NOT voting for Joe Biden in November,” Scanlan wrote Monday, mimicking the style of Samuel Schwartz, a 20-year-old Twitter influencer. 

Other popular conservative commentators quickly took notice, as the Daily Wire’s Brett Cooper hopped on to the trend as well. (RELATED: REPORT: Key Democratic Cohort Has Moved To The Right)

“I’m Brett Cooper, I’m 22 years old, I’m from Tennessee, and I’m NOT voting for Joe Biden in November,” she wrote Monday afternoon.

Scanlan noticed the concerted effort the left has been making on social media and took it upon herself to combat it.

“I first saw his post in my feed and saw there was a chain of Democrats doing it. I know the Democrats are pushing a lot of money into social media marketing, especially with Gen Z, and I thought they looked like idiots. I decided to respond with the same exact wording, just with the word NOT voting for Biden,” Scanlan told the Daily Caller.

Debra Lea, a prominent pro-Israel activist followed suit and posted her own message. “I’m Debra, I’m 23 years old, I’m from Manhattan, and I will NOT be voting for Joe Biden this November,” Lea wrote.

Alexandra Lains, a Catholic commentator with over 50,000 followers on Twitter threw her voice in the mix. “I’m Alex Lains, I’m 28 years old, I’m in NJ, and I’m NOT voting for Joe Biden in November,” Lains added.

Scanlan, who first started the trend as a joke, expressed surprise at how quickly it took off.

“When I first posted this as a joke making fun of the paid liberal shills posting Biden propaganda, I did not anticipate thousands of people joining me. Never thought disliking the current president would be so unifying. You did it Joe,” Scanlan tweeted.