EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans Introduce Legislation To Send Hamas-Sympathizing Student Visa Holders Home

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Tennessee Republican Rep. Andy Ogles introduced legislation Wednesday to send Hamas-sympathizing student visa holders home and told Hamas-Sympathizing student visa holders to “go study abroad in Gaza.”

The Daily Caller first obtained a copy of the legislation, which is titled the Study Abroad Act. The bill would specifically “revoke the F, J, or M visa” of any alien who authorities have “arrested for rioting or unlawful protest,” or who authorities have “arrested while establishing, participating in, or promoting an encampment” at an institute of higher education.

“The ability to receive higher education in the United States is truly a privilege. Previously known for their prestige and unparalleled academics, many elite American universities have damaged their hard-earned reputations by opening their doors to impressionable terrorist sympathizers. In the last several weeks, our nation has seen these institutions overrun and terrorized by young people calling for a third intifada,” Ogles told the Caller before introducing the bill. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Josh Hawley Calls On Biden To Send National Guard To Protect Jewish American Students On Columbia’s Campus)

“These antisemitic, anti-America riots have wreaked havoc and chaos on campuses, leading to the cancellation of commencements and in-person classes. It is unacceptable that we would allow non-Americans to terrorize our institutions of higher learning. It’s time to send a clear message to foreign, Hamas-sympathizing students rioting: if you bring chaos to our universities, you can study abroad somewhere else. Might I recommend Iran, Qatar, or Gaza? They seem more your speed,” he added.


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Ogles was joined by Texas Republican Rep. Randy Weber and South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan as cosponsors of the legislation. (RELATED: GOP Bill To Reimpose Trump-Era Houthi Terrorist Designation Passes House With Bipartisan Support)

“If you hate America so much, you should get the first ticket back to your country and attend college there. The unruly anti-Semites that are spewing hate and discontent on college campuses will not be tolerated in the United States,” Weber told the Caller.

Protests continue to take place at college campuses across the U.S.

“If you come to America on a student visa and support a terrorist organization like Hamas, then you are in violation of your visa,” Duncan told the Caller. “We do not need Hamas sympathizers on American soil breaking our laws and influencing our youth to hate America and freedom. You riot on behalf of a terrorist organization, then say goodbye to your visa.”