Pro-Palestine Protesters Gather Outside George Washington University President’s Home


Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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Students at George Washington University assembled outside University President Ellen Granberg’s residence Tuesday evening.

Demonstrators escalated their pro-Palestine protest by gathering outside the house of Granberg. This demonstration became a pivotal moment in the ongoing 11-day encampment on campus, highlighting the escalating tensions between the administration and the students. Around 200 students marched to Granberg’s home at George Washington University, chanting and drumming to voice their demands. These included opening a dialogue with the president and reinstating eight suspended students, according to WUSA9.

After spending about an hour outside Granberg’s residence, the protesters returned to their encampment at University Yard. The demonstration occurred under heavy police surveillance, with approximately 30 officers patrolling the area, WUSA9 reported. DC Police officers were also stationed on the steps of Granberg’s darkened house during the event.

It was later reported that D.C. Police dismantled the encampment at the university, resulting in several arrests. The encampment had been a center of protests on the university campus for nearly two weeks before officers from the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) cleared it around 5:34 Wednesday, according to the GW Hatchet, the university’s independent student newspaper. Prior to the arrest, at least two officers from the MPD used pepper spray on a group of protesters.

The incident resulted in one demonstrator vomiting and several others calling out for medical assistance. Approximately 30 individuals congregated at an emergency medical station set up by protesters. It appears that at least six people were affected by the pepper spray. Numerous protesters were seen rinsing their eyes with water and many were coughing heavily, the student newspaper reported.

An MPD spokesperson at the scene referenced Granberg’s recent letter and the ongoing discussions with protesters as justifications for the police action. “The decision was made after there was a feeling that GW’s negotiations with students weren’t getting anywhere,” the MPD spokesperson said, GW Hatchet reported. (RELATED: Pro-Palestine Protesters Seen With Hezbollah Flags At College Protests)

This latest protest follows a letter from Granberg released Sunday, in which she expressed distress over the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the loss of lives in the conflict.

“There is a dire humanitarian crisis occurring in Gaza that must be addressed, and I am personally grief-stricken by the suffering and loss of innocent lives occurring on both sides of this conflict,” Granberg wrote. “I fully support and encourage our community to speak out and engage in controversial and critical dialogues on these crucial issues—as long as they occur within the limits of our university’s policies and the District’s laws.”