Teen Caught On Cam Allegedly Shooting Up Neighborhood Gets Released From Custody, Appeal Filing Says: REPORT


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18-Year-Old Armonte Moody was released from police custody Friday after allegedly shooting up a D.C. neighborhood in April, according to an appeal WJLA obtained. 

Police responded to calls reporting gunfire at Independence Avenue’s 1700 block April 22 at approximately 2:20 in the morning, WJLA reported.

Doorbell camera footage exclusively obtained by WJLA appears to show a young man shooting at a moving vehicle with what looks like an assault rifle.

Police found 26 shell casings at the scene. according to WJLA.

Police obtained a search warrant for Moody’s home and discovered a disassembled AR-15 in his ceiling, WJLA reported. They arrested him promptly, according to the outlet.

Police alleged Moody shot the weapon 26 times at a vehicle occupied by four individuals, documents obtained by WJLA show. (RELATED: Good Samaritan Shot To Death While Mediating Dispute Over Loud Music On Subway)

Moody was released from custody and placed on house arrest while wearing a GPS monitor Friday, the documents reportedly read.

He was charged with endangerment with a firearm, possession of a weapon and assault, the documents revealed, the outlet reported

Prosecutors reportedly appealed the decision in a Tuesday filing, alleging that “The defendant [Moody] fired 26 rounds, littering the street with shell casings. Anyone who happened to walk into that street at the moment could have been killed as an innocent bystander.” 

An April data release from U.S. attorney Matthew Graves found that “the majority of people who have been arrested in D.C. on gun crimes have previous arrests for gun crimes,” Fox 5 D.C. reported.