ROOKE: The Left Wants Strong Christians Like Harrison Butker Out Of Sight And Out Of Mind

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker’s commencement address at Benedictine College is sparking an insane amount of vitriol from the left because they hate Christianity and want it out of the public domain.

Butker spoke out against progressive ideology in its many forms during his 20-minute speech to Catholic students, including the tyranny of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), the demand from the “cultural elite” for Christians to stay silent and how being Catholic alone is not enough to fight against the “growing support for degenerate culture.”

“As members of the church founded by Jesus Christ, it is our duty and ultimately privilege to be authentically and unapologetically Catholic. Don’t be mistaken. Even within the church, people in polite Catholic circles will try to persuade you to remain silent,” Butker told the graduates.

Butker noted that Bishop Robert Barron’s review of a film called “Silence” emphasized how “the cultural elite” want to see Christianity “private, hidden away and harmless.”

“Our Catholic faith has always been counter-cultural. Our Lord, along with countless followers, were all put to death for their adherence to her teachings. The world around us says that we should keep our beliefs to ourselves whenever they go against the tyranny of diversity, equity and inclusion,” he continued. (ROOKE: Our Daughters Will Reap The Consequences Of Feminists Killing Boy Scouts)

Most of his speech was about living an authentic Christian life and how he has been blessed by leaning into his vocation as a devoted father and husband.

“As a man who gets a lot of praise and has been given a platform to speak to audiences like this one today, I pray that I always use my voice for God and not for myself. Everything I am saying to you is not from a place of wisdom but rather a place of experience. I am hopeful that these words will be seen as those from a man, not much older than you, who feels it is imperative that this class, this generation in this time in our society, must stop pretending that the things we see around us are normal. Heterodox ideas abound even within Catholic circles,” Butker said.

“I know that my message today had a little less fluff than is expected for these speeches, but I believe that this audience and this venue is the best place to speak openly and honestly about who we are and where we all want to go, which is heaven,” he added.

This speech was given at a Catholic College known for its adherence to Christian doctrine and strong, faithful students. He didn’t walk onto the Columbia campus and attempt to persuade the purple-haired Hamas-supporting students that their worldview was disordered.

Still, the left is predictably trying to cancel him.

A Change.org petition to get him released from the Kansas City Chiefs has reached over 100,000 signatures.

“The harmful remarks made by Harrison Butker, kicker of the Kansas City Chiefs, during his commencement address at Benedictine College were unacceptable. His comments were sexist, homophobic, anti-trans, anti-abortion and racist. These dehumanizing remarks against LGBTQ+ individuals, attacks on abortion rights and racial discrimination perpetuate division and undermine human rights,” the petition states. (ROOKE: Tom Brady’s Haters Expose One Of Feminism’s Worst Tropes)

“We demand accountability from our sports figures who should be role models promoting respect for all people regardless of their race, gender identity or sexual orientation. We call upon the Kansas City Chiefs management to dismiss Harrison Butker immediately for his inappropriate conduct,” the petition continued.

Jason Smith from Washington commented, “He is setting back the country and promoting hatful propaganda.”

Another commenter, Emily Mader, said, “People need to be held accountable for the destructive things they say on public platforms. This is not okay and is a huge step backwards for women’s rights.”

The NFL’s chief diversity and inclusion officer, Jonathan Beane, expressed disagreement with Butker’s speech in a statement Wednesday to People Magazine.

“Harrison Butker gave a speech in his personal capacity,” Beane told the outlet. “His views are not those of the NFL as an organization. The NFL is steadfast in our commitment to inclusion, which only makes our league stronger.”

Co-host of The View, Whoopi Goldberg (not known for her defense of conservatives), provided the most shocking but rational justification for why Butker should be allowed to give his speech.

“I like when people say what they need to say. He’s at a Catholic college. He’s a staunch Catholic. These are his beliefs, and he’s welcome to them. I don’t have to believe them. I don’t have to accept them. The ladies who were sitting in that audience do not have to accept them. The same way we want respect when Colin Kaepernick takes a knee, we want to give respect to people whose ideas are different from ours,” she said.

Nothing he said is hateful or a call for violence against people who don’t view the world through a Christian lens. By any traditional Christian standard, his words were a reminder to protect tradition and be fearless in their faith at a time when degenerate culture reigns supreme. (ROOKE: The Boys Will Be Alright, But What About Our Young Women?)

The left is okay with men who neglect their masculinity and use women like trash. These men are put on pedestals as they parade around in dresses or create entertainment that objectifies female bodies. But, apparently, progressives draw the line when a man tells an audience to love and cherish their wives and to stand up for their culture.

Butker gave an authentically Christian speech to Christian students, and now the left wants his head on a spike. He deserves our praise and support for his bravery. Make no mistake. While his speech was completely normal, it was a true act of courage to stand up to the bullies on the left who hate him and all Christians.

The regime doesn’t want a strong Christian man who loves being a husband and father to tell other adults that this is, in fact, a great way to live their life. Christianity isn’t supposed to be spoken about in a positive light in public. It has been relegated to a religion deserving of mockery and hate. Despite the fact that former NFL players have done things that are much worse, like beat their wives, people are somehow in an uproar because a guy believes in living an authentic Christian life and invites young people to do the same.

If the Kansas City Chiefs have any integrity, they will publicly support Butker in his fight against the left.