‘End The Weaponization Of Justice’: Ramaswamy Reveals How Either Outcome May ‘Favor’ Trump In Bragg Trial

(Screenshot/Fox News/"Hannity")

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy argued Tuesday evening how either outcome within Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s trial may “favor” former President Donald Trump.

Ramaswamy appeared on “Hannity” to discuss the closing arguments of Bragg’s 34 felony counts against Trump for allegedly falsifying business records and its alleged connection to previous election interference. Fox host Sean Hannity questioned Ramaswamy on if the outcome of the case will have an effect on voters’ decision come this November.  (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Trump-World Lawyer Sends House GOP Playbook For How To End Biden ‘Election Interference’)

“I think either outcome is going to favor President Trump and here’s why. Once that outcome is behind us people will see in the not guilty case that it was a sham trial. This is a trial where Alvin Bragg made a commitment to voters saying that he was going to go after Donald Trump. You name the man, I’ll show you the crime —that was his [Bragg] mentality, that’s exactly what he did,” Ramaswamy stated.

“In the case where he’s [Trump] convicted, nobody in the United States of America could still possibly tell you what exactly was the crime that Donald Trump committed. If he’s being sentenced on the basis they will see the injustice of that as well. So this has backfired, backfired as it should and thankfully we will be able to end the weaponization of justice when Trump wins that next term.”

While polls have indicated that voters may feel split on the outcome of where the trial should land, many have been surveyed to not have been paying close attention to the case at all. In a recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National Poll published at the beginning of May, 55% of Americans surveyed told the group that they were “not closely watching or not watching” the trial at all, while 45% stated they were “following the trial either closely or very closely.”

Additionally 64% of Americans, up 4 points from the last survey, stated that they already know who they will be voting for and will not be changing their minds, according to the data.