Automaker plans for electric vehicles

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Some of the electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles that are planned for the U.S. market or already for sale. Listed by brand, projected release date and price, when available.

—Tesla Motors Roadster. First sold in 2008. Base price, $101,500

—Fisker Karma. Second half of 2010. Base price $87,900

—Chevrolet Volt. November 2010. Price roughly $40,000

—Nissan Leaf. December 2010. Price roughly $30,000

—Ford Transit Connect van. Second half of 2010. No price available.

—BYD Auto e6 (China). Projected 2010. No price available.

—Ford Focus. Projected 2011. No price available.

—Toyota Pruis. Projected 2011. No price available.