Most Interesting Man in the World: “Every day above cement is a good one”

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He’s an absurd blend of Ernest Hemmingway, Don Draper and Royal Tenenbaum. He’s the greatest promotion for a Mexican beer we’ve never seen. He’s the quirky uber-man that is… The Most Interesting Man in the World.

But who is the man behind the myth, not to mention that majestic facial hair? Jonathan Goldsmith is a journeyman actor who has appeared on over 45 shows, including classic 80s fare like Dallas, MacGuyver and T.J. Hooker. He’s also quite the character, even without the Latin accent. Dennis Tang spoke with about living on a yacht, saving lives and solving the plight of the genetically beardless.

Full story: Most Interesting Man in the World: “Every Day Above Cement is a Good One” – GQ

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